Bahria Town Islamabad

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Best restaurants in Bahria Town Islamabad. People who live in Bahria Town do so within the city limits of Bahria Town. Both Islamabad and Rawalpindi, its twin cities, are located in Bahria’s immediate vicinity.

In Bahria Islamabad, there are quite a variety of great restaurants. There is a wide range of foods to choose from and one can discover almost everything here. From Pakistani desi restaurants to steakhouses and fine dining establishments, there is plenty to do.
The following restaurants in Bahria Town are listed below;

BBQ Bazar

BBQ Bazar is quickly being known as one of the top barbecue restaurants in Bahria Town. It is situated in the civic center. Its enticing atmosphere has grabbed everyone’s attention. For both inside and outside seating, fairy lighting is used. Their theme is immensely gratifying because it is simple yet gorgeous. When it comes to the food, their BBQ items are presented on skewers and are quite tasty. Prawns, kebabs, and tikkas are all served on upright skewers, which is a distinctive display. Some of their best meals are BBQ, Tawa Qeema, and Cheese Naan.


It is one of the most innovative and excellent restaurants in Bahria Town. It will catch your eye right away because the architecture is unique as compared to the majority of the surroundings. The Aztec mountain will make you feel like you’re in ancient Greece or Egypt. It is divided into several floors and each floor has a dining space that is distinct from the others but equally attractive.

You may order food from a variety of cuisines at Kalisto. Their cuisine is excellent. Chilli Bang with fish or steak, or a BBQ platter for something more typical. It is all in reasonable serving sizes, although it is slightly pricey for what they provide. Also, gazebos are available for birthday parties and large groups. This location is always crowded because it is the place where most people plan their memorable events. The uppermost floor seems to be quite high but from there one can view all of Bahria Town and DHA. It seems to be particularly lovely at night when the entire region is illuminated by lights.

Houston Steak House

Houston Steakhouse in Bahria Town Phase 4 is a great location to go if you’re seeking fresh and quality sliced steaks. They offer a wide range of cuisines. Its design is modest and pleasant.

They offer an indoor and outside garden in which you can sit. All of the dishes at Houston Steakhouse are generously portioned. The best dishes on the menu are the beef steaks and chicken meals.

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