Bahria Town Islamabad

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Investing in Bahria Town, Islamabad is now reviewed as one of the most valuable real estate ventures in the country. The high quality of real estate evolution work and the keenness of local and foreign investors are the primary reasons behind this. The owner of the Bahria Town housing project has become a real estate mogul in a pretty short period of time.

Bahria Town plots and houses are in high demand. Even the inquiry forms which were originally unnecessarily short and sold on the underground market for thousands of rupees, were first so tempting to participants in the program.

Reasons to Invest in Bahria Town Islamabad High-Tech Security

Former military servicemen and other security experts oversee and observe Bahria Town’s own security firm. They have bullet proof cars and a fleet of security guards that are equipped to the teeth with the most up-to-date weaponry and gear. There are security guards stationed at all approaches and exits of the Bahria Town housing development, which is protected around the clock.

Fun Activities in Bahria Town

Humans have a built-in need for leisure centers to keep them active and fresh, and it is a natural human desire to seek them out. The Bahria Town Management has built a lot of amusement parks in their housing projects to lodge this demand. There are parks, playgrounds, cinemas, and other facilities in every developed area. Squash and Basketball Courts for example, have their own distinctive set of rules.

Bahria Town’s Qualified Administration

The major part of Bahria Town’s administrative employees are military men. Many of the company’s top heads are retired military commanders, admirals, and brigadiers who are paid well and they enjoy a diversity of benefits. Military commanders’ unquestioned honor and higher administration capabilities compared to their civilian counterparts is the main reason for the discrepancy in performance between the two groups.

Consistency in Development

Bahria Town is built on a consistent plan and investors have noticed timely delivery of properties. One of the spot light features of Bahria Town is its consistency in the development process. Because of these reasons, everybody trusts the name of Bahria Town. The developers have manifested themselves over the years with their consistent development.

 In Demand Locations

Bahria Town Phases preferably located in Islamabad as it is pleasant from every direction of the city, are the most in demand location . All the phases of Bahria Town are conveniently pin pointed with the GT Road that connects to all the major areas.

Higher Returns on Investment

One of the major upper hands of investing in Bahria Town, Islamabad is its high return rate. Bahria Town properties are provided with section areas, golf clubs, bowling alleys, playgrounds, children’s parks, jogging tracks, and other recreational areas. Such evolution attracts investors and remains in demand by end buyers.

Sapphire Builders & Associates provides investors with a wide range of real estate services, including commercial, residential, and corporate properties.

Sapphire Builders & Associates‘ primary high rise building project at Bahria Town, Islamabad is OPAL MALL & LUXURY SUITES. From Phase 1 through Phase 6, the OPAL Mall will be the highest building in Bahria Town.

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