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Sapphire Builders & Associates recognizes the role of overseas Pakistanis in nation building and economic plight and prosperity of the country, thus taking it a binding on itself as part of the Company’s CSR vision to provide secure beneficial financial engagements to our overseas brethren with a view to offer them long term partnership through our CSR program helping them establish an alternative business setup in Pakistan simultaneously, opening avenues of return to the homeland. Addressing the overseas diaspora’s concerns about investment risks in the country as a whole and real estate domain in particular giving them legal and financial solutions is our way forward.


We offer overseas Pakistanis’ an opportunity to learn and adopt real estate as alternative career option, indulging them in an interactive and constructive partnership as part of our CSR vision. Through this we aim to achieve two goals; resettlement opportunities to our dear brothers back in homeland and attracting much needed remittance/ investment for the beloved country.


Sapphire Builders & Associates establishes partnership with overseas Pakistanis by offering mutually beneficial deals keeping the long-term goals of the company and customer’s investment benefit in view by sharing a considerable part of its own benefit share with our overseas brothers. We aim at enabling you to do independent decision making in future and make real estate your own business by educating you through our real estate awareness program induced in your deal with the company.


Sapphire Builders & Associates has strived to build a highly qualified team that believes in our vision and have contributed to it through research work in their academic careers or practical professional plights. We have ensured that every member of our team is committed to what we believe in and through team synergy we are committed to achieve this goal.

We have a dedicated overseas desk that consists of highly qualified business graduates and researchers, who fully understand the dynamics and challenges of overseas diaspora and are fully prepared to offer you investment opportunities and long-term real estate education programs aimed at PREPARING YOU FOR YOUR NEW BUSINESS AT HOME.



We offer you mutually beneficial partnership, rather than entering a one-time business activity with you. Sapphire Builders & Associates is introducing unique and unorthodox trends to the very orthodox and stagnant real estate landscape of Pakistan by working on a benefit sharing model rather than benefit taking model. We at Sapphire don’t consider you a customer, we make you a family by synergizing your trust on us with our hard work, intent and research work to make it a long-term beneficial engagement for both of us.


Sapphire Builders & Associates has a dedicated land acquisition team, comprising of experts who select project locations and do land acquisitions based on futuristic economic, social and environmental layout of the area to be able to give lowest rates to its family members and provide affordable and beneficial investment opportunities in comparison to the market layout. That is how we make every project a unique project and ensure financial well-being of our investors.


We at Sapphire Builders & Associates make sure that every experience of your interaction with us become effortless and memorable, which should explore new beneficial financial and social avenues. We fully recognize and acknowledge the overseas brethren role in nation building and economic survival of the country. We are here to offer you a durable and beneficial economic partnership, based on mutual trust, respect and will to make this interaction your way back home.

Anam Sarah

Director Marketing

Syed Mohammad Ali

GM Sales & Marketing

AM Sales

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Our Projects

Sapphire Builders & Associates is bringing up mega projects in different cities of Pakistan. Our prime project is Opal Mall & Luxury Suites in Bahria Paradise Commercial. Our second project is Oak Vista on Murree Expressway.

Opal Mall

Oak Vista

Omega Mall