Sapphire Academy

Sapphire Builders and Associates has taken the unique initiative to run Free Online Real Estate Education Programmes to spread awareness and produce Fresh Real Estate Educated Executives in the very real estate education deficient environment to enable the consumer to do independent correct investment decision making.

Customer Education

At Sapphire Academy our focus is providing Customer education to our clients the knowledge, tools, and support they require to get the most out of our offering. Our aim is to guide our customers from their initial interaction to continued usage with the end goal being to increase adoption, reduce friction, and to make them an educated citizen.

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Sapphire Builders & Associates took an initiative to educate its customers by taking in view the literature and presents Webinars which follows the discussion on most important topics related to Real Estate Industry. The Topic for our first Webinar will be “Evolution of Real Estate: From Dealers to”.  Be the part of this interesting conversation and join us to learn Real Estate.

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Online Training Programs

We care for our Employees and Customers equally.
We believe that learning should never be stopped at any point of life.
We should keep learning new things every day.
With this motivation, we regularly scheduled Online Trainings.
Get Register and Learn with us.

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Tutorial Videos

Our Academy will provide Customer tutorials that include videos, webinars, info graphics, or articles that will teach our customers about our company’s products or services and important information that they need to know in real estate sector with help of qualified professionals. The goal is to educate and network with people.

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