Online Training Programs

Online Training Program is our purposeful and organized educational activity designed to provide the characteristics, knowledge or skills to our customers. Educating customers will help them realize how we are offering the best consultation in this real-estate sector so they can begin to reach their full potential. Through customer training, first-time customers will receive many instructions on how to answer any question they have on board. And then all remaining advanced questions are passed to the customer support team or CSR management.

In our first Training Program, we have provided a vast amount of knowledge to university students who had worked with us as our interns. The program include:

  • Digital Marketing Knowledge
  • Blog and Script Writing
  • Video Making
  • Idea Generation

We care for our Employees and Customers equally. We believe that learning should never be stopped at any point of life. We should keep learning new things every day. With this motivation, we regularly scheduled Online Trainings. Get Registered and Learn with us.