If we examine the real estate market from 2000 to 2005, we can see that the developer and its sales staff used their strengths to sell the property by freely displaying its characteristics, location, and pricing. The primary avenue for reaching actual purchasers was through local real estate brokers. Later, between 2005 and 2010, a phase developed in which consumers became more interested in the developer’s brand name. In 2017, the same purchasers have become increasingly reliant on technology in their daily lives.

In Our webinar you will learn:

This webinar will help you to understand that how the real estate evolves from the dealers (Patwari) to the contemporary digital marketplace. This will provide you an insight about all the changes in real estate market during all these years and its effect on investors.

Our next discussion will be on the following:

  • From Horizontal to Vertical Expansion
  • Evolution of Interior Design in Real Estate
  • Design Inspiration for Vertical Structure in Pakistan
  • Vertical Structure and Environmental Challenges: And Its Counter Effect
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