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Abu Dhabi Launches Sand-to-Sea Tracks to Improve Disabled Access at Beaches


Abu Dhabi leads the way in beach accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Abu Dhabi is making waves in accessibility by introducing cutting-edge green technology to enhance the beach experience for wheelchair users. In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has partnered with Mubadala, the emirate’s sovereign investment arm, to implement remote control-operated ramps that empower people with disabilities to independently enjoy the waters.

Solar-Powered Tracks Transforming Beach Accessibility

Designed by the Greek company Seatrac, the solar-powered tracks serve as a beacon of progress. Fitted with specially designed chairs, these tracks seamlessly carry people from the sandy shores to the sea. This cutting-edge device is set to transform the beach experience for individuals with disabilities.

A Closer Look at the Seatrac System

The features of the Seatrac system allow beach-goers to lower themselves into the sea and lift back into the chair using the ramp’s rails. This innovation is not only breaking down physical barriers but also fostering a sense of independence and freedom for individuals with disabilities.


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From Greece to Abu Dhabi: The Seatrac Success Story

With a proven track record at more than 200 beaches in Greece, the Seatrac system is making its mark on Abu Dhabi’s iconic beaches.

Abu Dhabi’s Commitment to Inclusivity

Abu Dhabi’s innovative initiative aligns with the broader goals of the UAE government to create a more inclusive society for individuals with disabilities. There’s a strategic partnership between the DMT and Mubadala and their shared commitment to elevating Abu Dhabi’s quality of life.

Leaders in Change: Voices from the Partnership

The minds behind the initiative, Dr. Salem Al Kaabi, director general of operational affairs at the DMT, and Homaid Al Shimmari, Mubadala’s deputy group chief executive, share their perspectives on the project’s significance and its potential impact on the community.

Beyond Beaches: A Holistic Approach to Community Well-being

The sand-to-sea tracks are just one part of a larger initiative by the DMT and Mubadala to enhance public spaces across Abu Dhabi. The installation of twenty-six freshwater drinking fountains at parks symbolizes their commitment to sustainability and reduces single-use plastic water bottles.

In conclusion, Abu Dhabi’s launch of sand-to-sea tracks not only improves disabled access at beaches but also stands as a testament to the emirate’s commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and community well-being.

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