Oak Vista's Elevation

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Building By Laws: Oak Vista‘s Elevation

Murree, the crown jewel of Pakistan’s hills, faces a unique challenge – balancing growth with preserving its natural beauty. One aspect of this challenge is building height restrictions. The current bylaw restricts building heights to five stories, aiming to safeguard Murree’s scenic charm.

However, the ongoing project of Sapphire Builders & Associates, Oak Vistas, is unique in some aspects. The project boasts 11 stories, seemingly exceeding the law, but this is not true. Here’s where an interesting twist emerges: Oak Vistas have achieved this height through its different ways of construction.

Let’s explore this!

Preserving Murree‘s Essence

Murree’s bylaw on building height exists for a reason. Unrestricted construction can overwhelm the hill station’s character, replacing its picturesque landscape with towering structures. The five-story limit helps maintain a sense of harmony between buildings and the environment.

Oak Vista's Elevation

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Innovation in Construction

Oak Vistas, adhering to the bylaw through portion construction, presents a potential innovation. This could allow for additional amenities or living spaces within the bylaw’s restrictions. It’s important to understand the specifics of portion construction and ensure it complies with regulations.

Transparency and Open Dialogue

For public trust, transparency is key. Oak Vistas openly communicates their construction approach, demonstrating compliance with the bylaw. This fosters public trust and avoids misunderstandings.

Finding Common Ground

The goal is to create a Murree that thrives while retaining its natural beauty. Perhaps there’s room for measured development that respects the bylaw’s spirit. Open discussions between developers, authorities, and the public can lead to innovative solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

The Road Ahead

Murree’s future development hinges on striking a balance. The Oak Vista’s project, can be a unique piece of architecture in the territory to be exemplified. By prioritizing transparency, innovation, and adherence to regulations, we can ensure Murree’s growth complements its scenic splendor.

Oak Vista’s Elevation:  More than Just an Address

Oak Vista is a unique proposition, offering more than just luxury service apartments. It’s a place where tranquility is woven into the very fabric of your existence. It’s an escape from the everyday, a sanctuary where you can rediscover yourself and reconnect with the peace that lies within.

Take the first step towards your tranquil oasis.  Visit Oak Vista today and experience the serenity for yourself. Oak Vista goes beyond just aesthetics. The project boasts high-end amenities like a swimming pool, gym, and 24/7 security, creating a resort-like experience for residents. This fusion of modern comfort and a connection with the outdoors caters to those seeking a tranquil escape with all the conveniences they desire.

Oak Vista’s location adds to its allure:

Oak Vista’s location adds to its allure. Situated on the Murree Expressway, it offers easy access to Murree’s hotspots like Mall Road and the New Patriata Chairlift, while still maintaining a sense of serenity. This prime location allows residents to experience the best of both worlds: the excitement of Murree’s bustling center and the tranquility of the surrounding hills.

About Us:

Sapphire builders & Associates is a real estate company. It is self-sufficient, in terms of owing its inventory by virtue of the land ownership, to construct till sales and marketing of its project. We thus guarantee what we create, what we make and what we sell – all under the one umbrella. Sapphire Builders & Associates commit to deliver excellence to attain highest customer satisfaction.

Our Two Amazing Running Projects that can offer the best you can ever have are:

Opal Mall

Opal Mall & Luxury Suites is not just another real estate project. It stands as the tallest building in Bahria Town from Phase 1 to Phase 6. Situated at the Paradise Commercial Complex, this venture is the future Business Hub of Bahria Town, Islamabad. Its prominent presence at such a prime location in Islamabad ensures its grandeur and growth prospects. The past year saw Sapphire Builders & Associates celebrating a remarkable 66.6% Annual Capital Gain, a testimony to the robustness and potential of this venture. Such an achievement, especially during challenging economic times, speaks volumes about the Best Investment Opportunity in Islamabad that Opal Mall & Luxury Suites represent.

Oak Vista

Oak Vista offers Luxury Service Apartments. It is located At Murree Expressway. Avail the best investment opportunity and book now at 30% down payment. Oak Vista Luxury Service Apartments, on Murree Expressway is an upcoming project of Sapphire Builders and Associates. It is a serene modern stand-off pertaining to modern architecture. Located at the hub of tourist resort Murree, Living in Oak Vista is an experience. Unraveled! Living in the neighborhood of a Natural Reserve – having all the amenities offered by modern technologies; Oak Vista is set to offer its residents the premium luxury they deserve with breathtaking views of Murree valley. Located in prime location of Murree Expressway, and 400 meter away from Mall Road. Oak Vista offers its residents Sauna, Hot bath, Temperature control, Swimming Pool, Servant rooms and state of the art facilities.

To learn more Visit our website:



UAN +92 347 9043333



About the Author: Parsa Ehsan

Parsa Ehsan is an MPhill Scholar pursuing her degree in Clinical Psychology .She has been the part of many Youth Organizations and conferences at both sectors (private & government) and climate change promotor. She has been writing content for multiple organizations since 4 years. Furthermore, she worked in different small grant community projects .She has been a part of German Red Cross as climate champion and was youth representative in  youth parliament Ajk. She also served as First Aid Responder's team leader in Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Ajk state branch.She is also an English Works alumuna a program sponsored by US Embassy, Islamabad and currently serving in the leadership of Ajk North chapter as Exchange Ambassador. Her goal is to grow by getting different learning opportunities and to help the community in growing.

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