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Punjab Cabinet Launches Ambitious Development Ventures for Rawalpindi



Rawalpindi, a dynamic city, stands on the brink of significant transformation. The recent meeting of the Punjab cabinet, led by Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, laid out a comprehensive plan encompassing various facets of urban development. Collectively, these approved projects represent a monumental investment in Rawalpindi’s future, both in terms of financial figures and developmental aspirations.

Safe City Project: A Rs. 400 Million Step Towards Robust Security

Topping the list of approvals was the Safe City project, a venture with an initial estimated cost of Rs. 400 million. This initiative will integrate advanced surveillance mechanisms throughout Rawalpindi, primarily utilizing CCTV technology. The overarching aim is to deter criminal activity, enhance law enforcement’s situational awareness, and contribute to creating a safer urban environment.

Infrastructure Developments: Paving the Path for Tomorrow

Addressing transportation and commute challenges, the Kutchery Chowk Remodeling Project was approved. This project, integral for Rawalpindi’s traffic flow, seeks to alleviate congestion at this pivotal intersection.

Additionally, the unfortunate events of May 9 that resulted in the damage of three metro bus stations necessitated swift action. Restoration plans for these stations were sanctioned, assuring the city’s populace of an uninterrupted and efficient metro bus service.

The Ring Road project received special attention, with the cabinet directing the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to meet the highest quality standards. This road is not just a mere infrastructural development; it’s a promise of seamless connectivity and decongested city interiors. On the same note, the Dadocha Dam and Leh Nullah Expressway projects were discussed, both crucial for the region’s water conservation and flood management.

Healthcare Initiatives: A Commitment of Over Rs. 1,699.459 Million

Healthcare took center stage with two major projects. The cabinet endorsed the establishment of a general hospital and a TB hospital in Murree, a commitment that goes beyond mere figures. Moreover, the Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education department presented a proposal to escalate the cost of the ‘Establishment of Hospital Management Information and Queue Management System (PACS)’ in hospitals. The initial estimate of Rs. 400 million was suggested to be increased to a whopping Rs. 1,699.459 million. Additionally, an extra fund of Rs. 1,299.459 million is projected through inter-sectoral re-appropriation, demonstrating the government’s unwavering focus on healthcare advancements.

Education and Cultural Development: Nurturing Minds and Heritage

In the educational sphere, the Punjab cabinet approved the operation of a Cadet College in Khanpur, Rahim Yar Khan. This initiative stands as a beacon of the government’s commitment to fostering academic excellence. Furthermore, the Central Library in Bahawalpur is set to undergo extensive renovations, ensuring that the city’s knowledge seekers have access to modernized and well-equipped facilities.


The Punjab cabinet’s recent decisions encapsulate a holistic approach to Rawalpindi’s development. From allocating Rs. 1,699.459 million for healthcare to endorsing infrastructure projects and focusing on educational advancements, every facet of urban growth has been considered. With these initiatives underway, the residents of Rawalpindi can anticipate a city that’s not only modern and efficient but also ensures enhanced quality of life and safety.

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