Eid Mubarak

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Eid-ul-Adha; An Occasion of Festivity Its Observance in Pakistan

Eid-ul-Adha is a sacred religious festival, observed by Muslims all around the world and it falls on the tenth of Zil Hajj – the twelfth month of Islamic calendar. Muslims observe this day to memorialize the oblation by the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) on the command of Allah Almighty. It is celebrated to appreciate his and Prophet Ismail’s (AS) bravery. Animals like goats, cows, and camels are slaughtered on the three days of Eid.

The very first day is commenced with Eid prayers followed by the sacrifice of animals. The meat of these animals is divided into three portions. One portion is dedicated to the poor while the other is distributed amongst relatives and acquaintances. The third portion is kept to-be used by the family itself. It is strictly forbidden to accumulate all the meat on your own.

It is an occasion of festivity as it brings the Muslim community together and creates an atmosphere of love and companionship, irrespective of color, race, and class. Sacrifices (Qurbani) are done in all corners of the country. In houses, streets, grounds, and slaughterhouses.

The festivity of Eid around the globe is the same but every country has different traditions and cultures to celebrate these religious holidays.


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Celebration in Pakistan

Eid is celebrated passionately in Pakistan. From kids to elders, everyone participates and cherishes the holidays in different ways according to their local cultures and traditions. A lot of hassle also comes along with Eid. Bari Eid in Pakistan is also considered incomplete without delays and a few spins over to tailors and Butchers.

Finding a butcher for ritual does not feel less than winning a lottery. Tailors not stitching clothes on time and their elusions, is another fear that Pakistanis must face along with so much more. These are said to be the obligatory crisis every Pakistani household must experience during this time or else they will miss the essence of celebrating Bari Eid in Pakistan.

Let’s dive into details of joyful challenges faced by the most of us on Bakra Eid, each year.

Huge Family Get-to-Gathers

Managing work and personal life in contemporary world are extremely tiring. In such swamped routines, family get-to-gathers have become an enormous challenge, which has adverse effects on the upbringing of new generations.

Eid holidays are a source of blessing in chaos. With four to five days of official holidays, families are able to visit their hometowns. It brings everyone under one roof. Families organize vast dinners with their beloved ones. The joy and essence of Eid warm the coldest hearts. Sharing meat and arranging barbecues and feasts together brings an aura of affection and affiliation. It also keeps the youngsters close to our religious and social values.

Undoubtedly, we can say that Pakistanis adore extravagant meals. Furthermore, what can be a better occasion than Eid-ul-Adha, to enjoy and fulfill that longing. Dishes like Barbeque, Karahi, Namkeen Gosht, Mutton Biryani, Beef Nihari, Hareesa, Haleem, and the list goes on and on with the UNIQUE touch of cooking tastes and recipes of Bhahbis, Behnas, Phuppos, Khalas and the most special and delicious blissful hand of AMMI JAN.

The above Bakra Eid delights make us even more enthusiastic to celebrate this event with zeal and zest.

Another factor on such holidays is that people visit their loved ones who have left the world. Kids and males always make sure to pay them a visit in graveyards and make a prayer for them.

Bakra Mandi Adventures

Who said that we only celebrate Eid for a day?  Pakistanis are not only excited about holidays, but they also love the adventures of visiting mandi with their friends and family. Generally, kids and males are interested to know about animals more. Asking the vendor about animals’ prices or their age and discussing them over a cup of tea despite the weather, is a favorite hobby of youngsters and elders, both alike.

Every plan made near Eid is followed by “Chalo mandi chaltay hain” without any intention of actually buying. It is a logic that none other than men can understand.

From random visits to actually buying animals, followed by flexing them and telling others that “Mehnga le lia janwar ap ny,” taking them for strolls, adorning them, staying with them all night, and getting extremely attached to them as well. It turns the adventure into an emotional rollercoaster. From buying to sacrificing them with their own hands is sad yet a beautiful feeling.

It is the true spirit of this ritual, to develop affection with animals as it truly depicts the sacrifice.

Quest for Butchers

It is a huge task to find a butcher on Eid-ul-Azha. With their high demand, the rates are also high, yet their availability despite confirmations and advance payments, is always questionable. Handling their grumpiness and fulfilling all orders and instructions they pass, to convince them to do the sacrifice on time, is a whole mission.

The bookings start months before the actual day. But fear still dangles in people’s minds all the time. And when the Qasai does not pick up your phone, that’s when panic hits you and enforces you to make endless calls and visits to his shop. And surprisingly you will not be alone, whoever you ask, they will be venting as well. Qasai tricks everyone and keeps them on wait.

Such dramatic behavior of Qasai mostly makes males of the family irritated and discouraged. Thus, they end up doing the ritual on their own. But Bari eid is nothing without a little shade of drama.

Bearing Tantrums of Tailors

We all know that it is Sunnah to wear new clothes, especially in Pakistan, how can you spend Eid without stressing over tailors. Literally, everyone has been the victim at the hands of tailors for not stitching dresses on time or getting them all wrong.

If men bear tantrums of Qasai, tailors are no less for Women too, with their lame excuses and false promises. Every woman has to hear these typical lines “Baaji kaal mil jayen gy kapray Insha Allah” and that tomorrow never really comes!

Making silly excuses and delaying like “Baaji light aie he nahi kal se” or “fotgi ho gye si Baji” the list of excuses remains the same, almost every year with few trendy changes. Even on the day of Eid, you will see people queuing outside darzi ki dukaan and sometimes you too are a part of it.

And worst of all, when a tailor does not stick to what you tell them to, that is a different type of heartbreak and with that broken heart, you wear your old clothes and put on a plastered smile.

These are some of the events that are more like a culture in Pakistan now, before and on Eid days, ensuing with the sight of blood everywhere, malodorous streets with animals’ remains, jam-packed freezers with meat, storing meat for weeks, men wearing old, torn clothes for Qurbani, arguing over the donation of animal skins, heated political discussions, kids crying over the slaughtered animals, little girls getting Eidi, women cooking endless meals, girls getting all dolled up and applying mehndi; that makes the whole house whiff like mehndi, Eid shopping sprees, Eid Milan and tikka parties.

They are no doubt, hectic events but these are things that fulfill the real purpose of celebrating Eid in Pakistan. Age is not considered as a factor in enjoying Eid with a joyful heart. You will not see any gloomy faces. It is a blessing for both; the ones who perform the rituals and whom they share these with. A day that fades all kinds of barriers of inequality and differences. Praying under one roof is a sight for sore eyes and hearts. Eid does not feel like Eid without a dash of mayhem.

About the Author: Aimen Zulfiqar

Currently doing my bachelors in Peace and Conflict Studies. Other than acing a degree, I enjoy reading, writing, and watching documentaries. A writer with a strong sense of curiosity. A soul always taking pictures of clouds, moon, rain, and every other random thing to make it aesthetic, and you will always find me ranting and venting about something with my big mug of coffee.

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