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Revolutionizing Road Access: Islamabad’s Digital Driving License Era


Driving license acquisition in Islamabad just got a tech-savvy makeover! The Islamabad Capital Police has taken a giant leap into the digital realm by introducing the Virtual Driving License service. This groundbreaking initiative, prompted by the directives of ICCPO Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, aims to provide citizens with a seamless and convenient way to obtain and renew their driving licenses.

A Digital Leap Forward

In response to the modernization wave, Islamabad residents now have the privilege of acquiring their driving licenses from the comfort of their homes. The online facility, a brainchild of the Capital Police, marks a significant shift towards embracing technology for administrative tasks.

Simple Steps to Virtual Freedom

To obtain their Virtual Driving Licenses, citizens need to follow a straightforward process. Visit the official Islamabad Police website, enter your National Identity Card number, driving license number, and expiration date – and voila! Your license is just a few clicks away.

Islamabad's Digital Driving License

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Streamlining the License Journey

The Islamabad police emphasizes that this initiative is not just about convenience; it’s about simplifying the often cumbersome process of getting and renewing driving licenses. This user-friendly platform represents a progressive step towards reducing paperwork and bureaucracy in the capital city.

Islamabad’s Digital Driving License

In 2023, the Islamabad Traffic Police issued a staggering 48,347 new driving licenses, renewed 20,375 licenses, and granted 95,333 learner permits. The success doesn’t end there – the internationally recognized driving license in two languages, introduced by ITP last year, adds another feather to Islamabad’s traffic management cap.

Beyond Islamabad – Renewing Online in Punjab

The digital revolution is not confined to Islamabad. The Punjab government has also embraced online license renewal, allowing citizens to renew learner permits online for durations ranging from one to ten years. The move towards a new digital system, NET, replaces the 20-year-old Oracle system, making it easier for citizens to download local and international e-licenses without physical driving tests.

CPO Safe City/Traffic’s Vision

The driving force behind the Virtual Driving License initiative is to offer enhanced services to the residents of the federal capital. Special police teams are actively engaged in educating the public about traffic laws and promoting road safety through various checkpoints and road initiatives.


In the ever-evolving landscape of Islamabad, the introduction of the Virtual Driving License platform by the Capital Police signifies a pivotal moment in enhancing citizen services. This digital leap not only streamlines the process of obtaining and renewing driving licenses but also encapsulates the city’s commitment to technological progress. It’s more than just a license; it’s the key to a seamless and tech-savvy road journey in the capital city!

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