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Margalla Avenue Extension: Enhancing Connectivity in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The journey towards enhanced road connectivity in Islamabad has witnessed another twist as the Capital Development Authority (CDA) recently announced an extension of the completion date for a significant road project. This project aims to connect the newly constructed Margalla Avenue with the thriving area of E-11. The revised completion date has now been set for October 30.

A Glimpse Back at the Project’s Timeline

Commencing its journey in December 2022, this 5.5km project, carrying an estimated budget of around Rs. 4 billion, was originally scheduled to conclude by June 20 of the current year. However, the engineering wing of the CDA soon recognized the complexities involved and deemed the initial six-month timeline impractical. This realization led to the first extension of the deadline until August 15.

Overcoming Challenges Along the Way

The hurdles faced during large-scale projects are not uncommon. The project encountered various obstacles, ranging from relocating utility services and managing trees to resolving land possession issues. Adverse weather conditions also contributed to the project’s slowdown. However, the CDA has triumphantly declared that these roadblocks have now been surmounted. The project is back on track, progressing at a steady pace to meet the newly extended deadline.


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A Project of Greater Significance

The contract for this ambitious project was awarded to the National Logistics Cell (NLC) last year for a commendable Rs3,983 million. The extended Margalla Avenue section stretches from sector D-12 to Khayaban-i-Iqbal in E-11, encompassing more than just a stretch of asphalt. This road represents a vital connection for the city, catering to the increasing number of motorists enjoying the 10km Margalla Avenue stretch from G.T. Road to D-12. Recognizing the necessity of expanded connectivity, this project aims to alleviate the potential traffic congestion that might arise.

Towards Future Expansion

The project’s significance is further highlighted by its potential interlinking with the construction of the anticipated 11th Avenue. While the foundation stone for the 11th Avenue Project has been laid by former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the construction process is yet to commence. The eventual integration of these two projects promises a seamless and efficient transportation network for the city’s residents.

Remaining Optimistic Despite Challenges

Despite the extensions and challenges faced, the CDA maintains a positive outlook. An official stated that extending deadlines in substantial projects is a common practice. Such extensions often serve as motivational tools, encouraging the project teams to expedite the construction process. With the finish line within sight, the CDA remains confident that the road will be open for vehicular traffic by the end of October.

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In Conclusion

The Margalla Avenue extension project serves as a testament to the city’s commitment to progress and connectivity. Despite challenges and delays, the project is marching forward towards its revised deadline, with the CDA’s unwavering optimism paving the way. Moreover, the integration of the project with the 11th Avenue endeavor promises even greater convenience and accessibility for the city’s residents. Lastly, the dedication of Sapphire Builders and Associates to their customers’ betterment, coupled with their focus on education and consultancy, mirrors the overall positive trajectory of development in Islamabad.

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