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Secure and Swift: Pakistan’s E-Passport to Elevate Travel Standards

In a monumental move aimed at modernizing and simplifying travel processes, Pakistan has introduced electronic passports (e-passports), signaling a significant leap forward in immigration and border control. This initiative not only promises enhanced efficiency but also prioritizes the security of passenger records and travel details.

Streamlining Immigration Processes

The advent of e-passports, equipped with over 20 advanced features, is set to streamline immigration processes at airports across Pakistan. These passports will serve as comprehensive repositories of passenger information, contributing to improved efficiency and bolstered security measures.

Convenience in Application

The convenience of the new e-passport system extends to the application process itself. Individuals can now apply for e-passports at any passport office nationwide, eliminating the need for specific regional applications and facilitating a more accessible and seamless application experience.

Smart Gates for Expedited Immigration

To further expedite immigration procedures, smart gates will be deployed at all international airports, exclusively catering to e-passport holders. This technological enhancement aims to reduce waiting times and enhance the overall travel experience for passengers.


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Fee Structure for E-Passports

The Directorate General of Immigration and Passports has released a transparent fee structure for different e-passport categories, taking into consideration both validity periods and urgency. The fee structure is as follows:

36-page E-Passport with 5-year validity:

Normal Fee: Rs9,000

Urgent Fee: Rs15,000

36-page E-Passport with 10-year validity:

Normal Fee: Rs13,000

Urgent Fee: Rs22,000

72-page E-Passport with 5-year validity:

Normal Fee: Rs15,000

Urgent Fee: Rs27,000

72-page E-Passport with 10-year validity:

Normal Fee: Rs24,750

Urgent Fee: Rs40,000

This fee structure is designed to cater to the diverse needs of travelers, offering options based on the validity period and urgency of processing.

Nationwide Accessibility

Applicants eager to obtain the new e-passport can conveniently visit any passport office across the country, making the application process more accessible and efficient for all citizens.

Future Plans for International Outreach

In an exciting development, officials have disclosed plans to extend the e-passport service to Pakistani mission offices in Europe, the USA, and other international locations in the near future. This expansion aims to cater to the needs of Pakistani citizens residing abroad, further enhancing the global accessibility of the e-passport facility.

In conclusion, the launch of e-passports and associated infrastructure in Pakistan reflects a commitment to embracing technological advancements for the betterment of the travel experience. With streamlined processes, enhanced security measures, and a commitment to accessibility, Pakistan’s e-passport facility is set to redefine the landscape of international travel for its citizens.

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