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Punjab’s Battle Against Smog: A Comprehensive Update


Welcome to a comprehensive discussion on the recent smog emergency declared in Punjab. In this blog, we will delve into the actions taken by the government, their significance, and the collaborative efforts to combat the smog crisis. Let’s break down the key developments:

  1. A Meeting of Minds:

Punjab’s caretaker Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, led a marathon meeting to assess the smog situation in the region. Experts and government officials came together to brainstorm potential solutions.

  1. The Reality Check:

During the meeting, environmental specialists emphasized that closing schools and reducing vehicular traffic for a day each week wouldn’t make a significant impact on smog levels. It was evident that a more proactive approach was needed.

  1. Smog Emergency Declared:

After a thorough evaluation of the situation, Chief Minister Naqvi made the critical decision to declare a smog emergency across Punjab. This meant taking immediate, tangible actions.

  1. Mask Mandate:

One of the most crucial decisions was to make wearing masks mandatory for students in both government and private schools. This was a practical step to protect the health of our youth.


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  1. Farmer Incentives:

The government also ordered the withdrawal of challans against farmers for burning crop stubbles during smog. Instead, they are encouraged to dispose of them responsibly, reducing smog-inducing factors.

  1. International Collaboration:

Punjab isn’t facing this crisis alone. In a significant development, the Chinese Consul General in Lahore, Zhao Shiren, discussed smog preventive measures with Chief Minister Naqvi. They agreed to acquire technical assistance from the Beijing Academy of Sciences and Technology and install an Air Quality Monitoring System in Lahore.

  1. Lahore High Court’s Intervention:

The Lahore High Court played a pivotal role by ordering the immediate imposition of a “smog emergency” in Lahore due to deteriorating air quality. This judicial intervention has raised the urgency of the situation.

  1. Accountability and Awareness:

The court directed the authorities to take strict actions against smoke-emitting factories and instructed teachers and students to report on industrial units causing pollution in their areas.


In conclusion, the smog crisis in Punjab has prompted swift and significant action. With the declaration of a smog emergency, mandatory mask-wearing in schools, and international collaboration, there is hope that Punjab can mitigate the impact of smog on its residents.

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