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Real estate agents are experienced at showcasing and selling property. They are additionally capable moderators with a lot of training.  The more they sell a property the more they can make cash.

real estate agent

You like them or don’t, when you consider that their single-center is caring for their client (the vender), it is not really shocking they will annoy you as property purchasers. In order, to purchase a property you must choose the right real estate agent and Real Estate Company. There are various players in the private land industry

  • Property administrators, distributors, developers,
  • Banks, government organizations,
  • They can be purchasers, dealers, and tenants.
  • Specialists and intermediaries.
  • By and by, the genuine influencers are the mediators, individuals continually moving between and speaking with these players.

Sapphire Builders & Associates is always there to provide guidance so that buyers may invest their hard-earned money in the right place. One of the most well-known companies in the Pakistani industry, we introduce contemporary, global real estate trends. As part of our commitment to CSR, Sapphire Builders & Associates has taken the effort to inform its clients about the challenges, developments, and solutions linked to the real estate industry, empowering them to make the best investment choices on their own.

Real Estate Agents

The real estate agent is the focal person of the real estate business. He’s a sales representative one second, a purchaser’s promoter the following;

  • He’s an examiner, a barker, an expert, a mediator, and an advertiser.
  • He cleverly plays out the administrations of an appraiser, an agent, and a credit official.
  • He obliges his clients on evenings and ends of the week, and frequently functions admirably past forty hours every week.
  • Real estate agents carry on with a tangled life.

They prompt purchasers and merchants all through the arrangement cycle, in a perfect world seem to be offering their clients guidance that is unbiased from their own monetary result.

  • Frequently, these two targets are adjusted and there is no issue.
  • For instance, a posting specialist gets more cash flow on the off chance that he can sell a house for a higher sum.

There are numerous circumstances where the right guidance for a client isn’t lined up with the specialist’s financial motivations. For instance, a purchaser’s representative gets more cash flow. When the purchasers purchase a house for a higher sum and might be hiding some important information.

So how would you realize your representative is making the best choice and offering you the best guidance?

The following are things that your representative should be telling (or asking) you. We will be talking according to the purchaser’s viewpoint and, all the more explicitly, what you need to be careful with while dealing with these agents straightforwardly.


We will sum up a portion of how real estate agencies utilize to get more cash out of the purchaser on the grounds that, eventually, what we really want to comprehend is that the realtor’s responsibility is to get an exceptional cost for their client, who is the merchant.

There are a few points that we have summed up from Our Real estate experts at Sapphire Builders & Associates.

If you want to be moving houses less and find your Dream house with a simple financial viewpoint then,

  • First thing is to look at things objectively for a minute, moving is going to be costly.
  • When you include the exchange expenses, expenses of moving, expenses to outfit your new residence, and so on.
  • It’s a large chunk of your money.

Further, in the early long periods of taking care of an amortized contract, your monthly scheduled installment goes for the most part to pay installments and interests. As you hold the home loan longer, your installments progressively go to paying head.  Having definite planning and savings are very important for you. We are doing this to tell you some tips and things to be aware of when buying property from a real estate agent.


In this era of advanced age, where everything is getting automated and easy. Various web-based advertising sites will offer you quantities of fake property bargains.

  • You can save yourself from these Internet-based burglars.
  • Off the chance that you can first recognize them.
  • In web-based advertising sites, it is expected to present the enrollment type of your own data,
  • Including your National Identity Card Number, credit/debit card number, or financial balance number

All are ways to get your personal data online and hack your online data accounts and transfer money.

real estate agent

So if it’s not too much trouble, check and affirm that you are not giving your personal data to online looters and that the promoting entrance is truly genuine.


There are a lot of scams that happen when dealers collect advance payments. They use the same property and sell that property to another person and the cycle goes on when these parties come for further processing of property. The property they invested in does not exist in reality and is just imaginary. These main dealers run away with the hard-earned money of people. It is a very common fraud in the real estate sector in Pakistan.


A portion of the misrepresentation in property occurs when specialists just work to gather the data of a particular property, and when they get it, they make the phony non-existent registries of properties.

real estate agent

For these counterfeit records, they trap various gatherings and get a full installment of property from them. When installments are done they disappear. One needs to verify the authenticity of the Real estate company first to prevent oneself from such fraudulent agents.


In recent days, another very common property fraud has been observed that Pakistanis abroad who have homes in Pakistan often hire careers in their homes. They call themselves real estate agents and in many cases, these people become homeowners. These fraudsters easily deceive people who will offer you a 3-core villa for the price of 5-core to 6-core. And often attract people by saying that the bungalow is at a low price because the owner does not know true market pricing and is easily deceived by these Real estate agents.

Another clever trick is under-quoting. It’s a technique to create completion if more people are interested in property then real-estate people are more likely to get premiums or commissions which they are promised over the listing presentations.

real estate agent

If the quoted price is offered less it becomes a way to attract more and more people. If the price basket is more lowly and as a result, more people are attracted by auctions and as a result, people fight in a battle of the fittest to get a property no matter what. Whoever has the highest bid ultimately wins over even if the price of the property is not that much it is elevated artificially and made more profitable.


Many real estate companies and dealers trick people by not accurately informing the buyer about prices they may say things like. We have many buyers we are just gauging what the market is willing to pay us in this way they create a completion among buyers.

So don’t get surprised by real-estate companies when they say to you that they don’t have a final price estimation.

It’s a trick to overprice their property by vaguely telling you not a certain price figure.

Ultimately you are trapped by fear of missing an opportunity also called FOMO

It’s about emotions, it’s about your fear of losing, and so you may be willing to pay an emotional price for a property you think is profitable although it might not be the case.

So our advice on that is to avoid part of this tactic and think sensibly.

There is probably another buyer, but it can also be another tool used by an agent. One way to figure it out is to make sure you know what it costs., Because the broker uses it as a cunning scam, so you can pay more.


Buying and selling a property is not an easy task. Both parties must express their demands in the process as soon as possible and must be willing to compromise on certain factors:

  • Too much strictness about what you need and non-negotiability can prevent your real estate agent from helping you get a very good offer.
  • To make matters worse, your refusal to be flexible can be daunting for any real estate agent you choose to work with.
  • As the real estate market becomes more competitive, buyers must be willing to make some offers to ensure that their offer is different from others.
  • Creating bids below the asking price can be offensive to both the seller and the agent because he works on a commission and may think that you are not serious about buying a property.
  • On the other hand, if you are interested in what commission a real estate agent can get for a real estate business in Pakistan, our extensive guide to this topic can help you.

real estate agent

If you don’t build your dream house from the beginning, it’s almost impossible to find a house that meets all your expectations while adding to your budget. Even if you happen to have such a house or apartment, there are times when the seller may not succeed. As a buyer, you should always be prepared to deal with such a situation gracefully and competently, instead of blaming or forcing your broker in some way to do everything right and start the process again when negotiating.


If you find a property, you want to do a price survey. Make sure you know the value of the property and how much you will have to pay for it. This way, you can get right to the point where it’s time to negotiate.

real estate agent

With a realistic offer, you will soon find out if you have reserved a seat at the negotiating table at all. You can end the meeting immediately and for everyone, if you make an offer that is almost what the agent and the seller know they need to receive. That there are some small and problematic scams that are used by irreplaceable benefactors to get a lot of money from you.

Once you understand what’s going on, you may be in a better position to make sure you don’t fall into tactics. The most effective way to protect oneself from the strategies and tactics of Real-estate agents is to know the worth of the property. On the off chance that you will understand what property worth is, you will not be drawn to everything specialists say to you. If you don’t know about the worth of a property then hire real estate company professionals to guide you in every step.

Find an appraiser who can make you knowledgeable about a property and let you know the cost. Track down a realtor without referencing and converse with him about honest evaluation. They might be on the rundown, so they are prepared to let you know the amount you possess to pay. Or on the other hand, obviously, converse with the purchaser’s representative, who does it consistently. We have given hints on the most proficient method for you to become  “A Sensible Buyer “.

Oak Vista

The finest property to invest in is Oak Vista, which is strategically located in the tourist destination of Murree and is expected to provide its inhabitants with the top luxury real estate they deserve with breath-taking vistas of the Murree valley.

Opal Mall & Luxury Suites

Opal Mall and Luxury Suites is Sapphire Builders and Associates’ second active project. Opal Mall & Luxury Suites, a high-rise development project in Bahria Town Islamabad, is recognized as having the greatest luxury apartments in the city. It is regarded as the highest building in Bahria Town from Phases 4 through 6. It is situated in the Paradise Commercial Complex, which is anticipated to grow into the main intersection of Bahria town. In its simplest form, it is a 21-storey structure with three parking levels, four commercial floors, two office floors, nine floors of residential apartments, and a top floor with ultra-luxury, high-tech penthouses that may be modified. For investors, it is the finest investment opportunity in Islamabad.

To read more on real estate investment in Pakistan, visit our blog.

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