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CDA to provide new recreational facility on Rawal Dam banks after Nizami food street of Baku model

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has embarked on a transformative journey to bring a new recreational dimension to the serene landscapes along the banks of Rawal Dam in Islamabad. Inspired by the vibrant Nizami Food Street in Baku, Azerbaijan, CDA envisions creating a lively recreational facility that combines culinary delights, entertainment, and a breathtaking lakeside view at Lake View Park.

The Nizami Model

Taking a cue from the success of Nizami Food Street, the CDA plans to lease spaces through open bidding, inviting leading firms associated with food chains to establish their setups. The street will house hundreds of shops, including souvenir stores, contributing to a lively and culturally rich atmosphere. This initiative not only promises a diverse culinary experience but also aims to generate revenue for the CDA while enhancing the city’s aesthetic appeal with a picturesque lakeside view.

Rectifying Past Leases

In a significant move, the CDA has decided to cancel the 15-year leases granted in 2007 for various recreational purposes in Lakeview Park. These leases, granted without open auction and at nominal rates to favorites, saw violations such as hosting unauthorized wedding ceremonies. The ten canceled leases will now be open for bidding, with existing leaseholders having the first right to match the highest offer. The value of existing setups will be assessed by registered valuers from the Pakistan Banks Association.

Offerings Through Open Auction

Among the setups available through open auction are Off-Road Motor Support Pro-Go Carts, BMX Cycling, Paintball Buggy and Trampoline, Mini Golf, Golf Driving Range, Musical Play Area, Horse Riding, Mini Jets, Singing, and Rock Climbing. The term of the new lease will be 15 years, after which the setups will become CDA property. This approach ensures a fair and competitive process, promoting innovation and diversity in the recreational offerings.

Leasing Opportunities Beyond Rawal Dam

Extending the scope, the CDA plans to lease 28 shops and entertainment centers in Lakeview Phase-II through open auction. This move aims to revitalize vacant spaces and create a dynamic environment that aligns with the community’s recreational needs.


The CDA’s decision to revamp recreational facilities along Rawal Dam’s banks represents a forward-thinking approach to urban development. By drawing inspiration from successful international models like Nizami Food Street, the CDA not only seeks to provide diverse recreational opportunities but also aims to rejuvenate and beautify Islamabad’s natural landscapes. As the city eagerly awaits the unfolding of this project, the prospect of a bustling lakeside haven is sure to captivate residents and visitors alike.

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