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According to a survey before the pandemic took over the world, one in every eight people suffer from some form of mental problem. However, after the pandemic hit the world in 2020, the number has increased significantly. It is estimated that 25% of such illnesses has increased in people suffering from mental health issues, with Depressive and Anxiety Disorders topping the list.

Theme for 2022

Every year, 10th October is marked as Mental Health Day, to raise awareness about the matter. Furthermore, it also allows the dispense of mental health resources among the general population.

Thus, as an effort to get one step closer to the goal, the theme for the year 2022 is announced as “Make mental health for all a Global priority.”


The most primitive and reasonably evident purpose of commemorating this day is to spread awareness about the importance of mental health. People are seen to be concerned about a slight issue with their physical health, but they fail to dedicate even half of this concern to their mental health.

According to an estimate by the World Health Organization (WHO), around 12 billion working days are wasted to the mental health issues which costs an immense loss to the global economy. The reason being that people are not aware of the problem and are reluctant to get help. Even if they do decide to get help, they end up in the wrong place due to lack of information.

Moreover, there are taboos related to people who are going through difficult phases of life. They are labelled as crazy, mad, weak, sensitive, attention seeker, etc. However, getting a little help from professionals may bring ease to the lives of such people. The quality of life can be enhanced significantly. It is not compulsory that a person must go through a big life change related to grief, loss, divorce, joblessness, etc. Sometimes, mental health can be impacted due to the minor stresses of everyday life as well. Unknowingly, your job, family, and many such factors are impacting your life considerably.

Thus, making it even more crucial to spread awareness about the need to prioritize your mental health. People should know about the small changes that can bring them a lot of comfort. Making slight changes in everyday life can improve the quality of your life and as a result, your mental health as well.

History of Mental Health Day

Considering the above-mentioned factors, the first unofficial Mental Health Day commenced on 10th October 1992. It was observed as an annual activity of the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH). However, the day was not given the name initially and was only seen as an effort to shed light on the importance of mental health.

The effort was well-recognized and as a result in 1994, Mental Health Day was celebrated for the first time. The day was used for “Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services throughout the World.” Ever since then, with every passing year, the day started gaining more and more popularity among the public. Afterwards, the day was used as a tool to raise awareness regarding different aspects of Mental Health related to Children, Parents, Men, Women, Old Age People, Health Care Workers, and many more.

Reasons for Prevailing Mental Health Issues

There is a wide range of reasons for mental issues but a few tops the list due to the huge role that they play in everyone’s life. One of the reasons is the human contact that has gotten very limited with time. Back in the days, when people did not have their phones 24/7 with them, they had more time for each other. They used to communicate and emotionally rely on each other. After work, socializing was a key part of their day. They would unwind and share their minor stresses with each other and go to bed feeling extremely light. Lack of Social Support is one of the major triggers of such problems.

Nowadays, technology has taken the place of other humans. People are mostly seen on their phones even during an ongoing conversation. This reflects that even during social contact, people are not fully engaged which means that the activity is taking place at a surface level. People forget that technology is a tool made to bring ease and comfort to our lives. It is not a replacement for other humans because it just simply cannot be.

Another issue with excessive use of technology is that people do not have time anymore. They do not have time for their friends, families, not even for their own selves. Although these inventions were made to make lives easier for us but conversely, they have somehow made us even busier than before.

Additionally, there are a lot of stressors these days that add to the pressures of life, in general. The pressure to look the best, live in a house that matches the standards of society, giving the same standard of education to the kids, and to do all this successfully, the biggest pressure is to earn enough money.

All these factors contribute to taking a toll on our mental health.

What to Do on Mental Health Day?

Now, as the importance of mental health has been established, let’s focus on the ways to improve it. Besides, the days are getting shorter, and Fall is about to hit. It is an ideal time for Seasonal Depression to strike, but so is it for you, to take better care of yourself.

Here are a few things that you can do on Mental Health Day:

  1. Meditate
  2. Connect with others
  3. Spend time with your loved ones
  4. Be Physically Active
  5. Acknowledge your feelings but be Mindful
  6. Sleep Well
  7. Practice Positive Visualization

General Measures to Take in Life

There are things that we can control in our lives and then there are those that cannot be controlled. The focus in life should always be on the variables that we can control. One of such variables is prioritizing your mental health. You should get charge of it and manage it the best way possible.

Sapphire Builders & Associates brings you some effective ways that can help you manage your mental health!

  1. Journaling your thoughts everyday to keep track of them and get to know yourself better.
  2. Do some sort of physical exercise daily, like Brisk Walking.
  3. Track your time spent on social media.
  4. Reflect upon your thoughts and feelings to get to the root of them.
  5. Be kind and empathetic towards others “and” to yourself as well.
  6. Stay hydrated and put healthy foods in your body.
  7. Take quality sleep of at least 6-8 hours daily.
  8. Minimize your stressors by planning your day ahead.
  9. Avoid negativity and negative people altogether.

About the Author: Smaa Khalid

Hi, I'm Smaa Khalid, a post-graduate in Clinical Psychology and a writer with over 4 years of experience. I'm passionate about exploring and understanding human behaviors and creating insightful content on a variety of topics. As a writer, I'm committed to deliver accurate and engaging content that is accessible to a wide audience. I believe that promoting awareness is crucial and my work reflects this belief. Through my writing, I hope to inspire readers to take proactive steps towards improving their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

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