Bahria Town Islamabad

Bahria Town Islamabad is the best place for Living and It has been a very famous real estate development company that is building Asia’s leading corporate development plan. It is providing residents with a modern and up-to-date environment and also offers job opportunities.

This housing complex is one the Islamabad’s finest developments, with inhabitants enjoying its most up-to-date facilities. Furthermore, according to purchase records, it is among the most desirable areas in the city.

Bahria Town Islamabad, Location

It is located in the center of Rawalpindi, just beyond the city boundaries and near GT Road. Islamabad Expressway and Faisal Avenue are all convenient points of entry.

Its first seven phases have been completed. There are already a huge number of people living. It has a diverse range of commercially developed sectors. In phases 1–6, approximately 90% of residential properties and family homes have been purchased while 75% of residences in phase 7 were sold. Furthermore, Phase 8 is still taking time to establish and hardly 40 to 50 % of phase 8 has been colonized. Phase 9 has begun and the status of the phase as a separate phase is still unknown.

Development of Infrastructure

Bahria Town Islamabad is transforming into Asia’s largest private housing scheme, offering various projects and raising human living standards through giving educational establishments, clinics, safety, recreational opportunities, and transitional housing by developing nearly 7 lac houses.

The market price of Bahria Town Islamabad

To understand, take a glance at the price levels based on the size and location of the households.

Apartments for sale

Apartments are ready to be sold in the community, both luxurious and unfurnished. Its costs range is within Rs. 13 lacs and Rs. 96.5 lac.
PKR 13 lac to PKR 85 lac for a one-bedroom apartment.
Apartments with two or three bedrooms range in price from 20 lacs to 2 crores.

Home for Sale

For property buyers and investors, Bahria Town Islamabad has emerged as the most secure option. In addition, the marketing – in Bahria Town Islamabad has risen.
40 lacs – 2 crores for a 5 Marla house, 1–3.5 crore for a 10 Marla house and3–4 crores for a 1–2 Kanal house.

For Sale: Plots

In Bahria Town Islamabad, commercial and residential plots of various sizes are for sale.  Plots of 5 Marlas cost between 15 lacs and 1 crore.  Plots of 10 Marlas cost between 9 lacs and 1.5 crore and Plots of 1 Kanal: 20 lacs – 2 crores. Customers can pay in installments which makes it more convenient for purchasers.

Sapphire builders & Associates is self-sufficient, in terms of owning its inventory by virtue of land ownership, to construction till sales and marketing of its project. Get in touch with us.

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