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Revolutionizing Land Transactions: Islamabad District Administration Puts an End to Stamp Paper Deals

In a bid to curb illegal land sales and protect the interests of Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad, the district administration has taken decisive action by banning the sale and purchase of acquired CDA land through stamp papers. The move comes as a response to rampant unauthorized transactions and the emergence of third-party rights against the CDA due to the unscrupulous practices of local landlords. This blog post delves into the details of the ban, its implications for the city, and the need for strict measures to preserve property rights.

Background – Acquisition Challenges and Compensation Shortfalls

CDA, responsible for developing residential sectors and other purposes in Islamabad, has faced significant challenges regarding land acquisition. Over the years, thousands of kanal of land were acquired, but the compensation process has been marred by delays and shortfalls, leaving many areas in limbo. Consequently, CDA lacks full possession of the acquired land, creating a breeding ground for illicit activities.

Stamp Paper Abuse – Fueling Illegal Land Settlements

Despite the government’s restrictions on land transactions after the announcement of acquisition in a particular area, a worrisome trend has emerged. Local landlords have resorted to selling their land through stamp papers, leading to a surge in illegal settlements across the city. This unlawful practice not only jeopardizes CDA’s authority but also undermines property rights and creates complications for future development plans.

Implications on Under-developed Sectors and Margalla Avenue

The completion of Margalla Avenue, a major infrastructure project, has inadvertently exposed under-developed sectors to adverse possession. Sectors D-13, E-13, and F-13 face a dire situation, with private individuals occupying vast tracts of CDA-acquired land and constructing opulent villas without proper documentation. The illegal sale and purchase of land through stamp papers have fueled this problem, rendering CDA unable to enforce its rightful ownership and commence the much-needed development work.


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Proactive Measures by the District Administration

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the district administration has stepped in to rectify the issue. CDA, through the district administration, has urged the enforcement of stringent measures against stamp vendors involved in facilitating illegal land transactions. These vendors have been sternly warned to cease their participation in such activities immediately, failing which their licenses will be revoked, and legal actions will be initiated against them. This decisive action is aimed at curbing the illicit sale and purchase of CDA-acquired land, safeguarding property rights, and restoring the authority of the CDA.

Director’s Call for Action

The Director Land of the CDA, Sidra Anwar, unequivocally stated that any sale or purchase of CDA-acquired land through stamp papers is illegal and prohibited. In light of this, she has urged for strict punitive measures against the stamp vendors who facilitate such transactions. The director emphasized the need to discourage the practice and called for a collective effort to combat the encroachment on CDA land. This clarion call highlights the commitment to restore the CDA’s authority and ensure the protection of property rights for the benefit of the city and its residents.

Preserving Property Rights – A Prerequisite for Development

The ban on the sale and purchase of acquired CDA land through stamp papers is a significant step toward preserving property rights and curbing unauthorized settlements. Upholding property rights is crucial for any city’s sustainable development and the overall welfare of its citizens. By ensuring the rightful ownership of land and preventing third-party claims, CDA can exercise full control over its resources, thereby facilitating effective planning, development, and provision of essential amenities to the residents of Islamabad.


CDA-acquired land through stamp papers in Islamabad marks an important milestone in protecting property rights and countering illegal land transactions. The district administration’s proactive measures, along with the stern warning to stamp vendors, demonstrate a commitment to rectify the prevailing situation and restore the authority of CDA. Preserving property rights is vital for the city’s sustainable development, and strict enforcement of regulations will pave the way for efficient planning, infrastructure development, and the well-being of the residents. By eradicating illegal land settlements, Islamabad can thrive as a model city that upholds the principles of fairness, justice, and responsible urban management.

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