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RDA and Turkish Company Collaborate for Rawalpindi Ring Road

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Asian Consulting Engineers JV Turk Company, Botek Bogazici Musavirlik Anonim Sirketi, for the consultation of the striving Rawalpindi Ring Road project. The ceremony, held at the Commissioner Office, marked a significant milestone in the development of the city. This blog explores the details of the project, its potential impact on Rawalpindi, and the efforts made by the authorities to ensure its successful implementation.

Signing of the MoU

The MoU establishes a partnership between RDA and Asian Consulting Engineers JV Turk Company, Botek Bogazici Musavirlik Anonim Sirketi, for consultation services in determining the optimal route for Rawalpindi Ring Road. The ceremony witnessed the presence of Commissioner Rawalpindi Division; Liaquat Ali Chattha, DG RDA; Saif Anwar Jhappa, and other officials from relevant departments.

Significance of Rawalpindi Ring Road

Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha emphasized that the mega project of Rawalpindi Ring Road would be a game changer for the city. The project aims to address the traffic congestion issues in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, providing a smoother commuting experience for residents and enhancing connectivity.


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International Consultation Services

To ensure the project’s success, the Punjab government invited international consultants through a competitive bidding process. The selection committee carefully evaluated the prequalified consultants and issued Request for Proposals (RFP) to the qualified candidates. The engagement of Asian Consultant Engineers JV as the third-party consultant highlights the project’s commitment to excellence and global expertise.

Resolving Traffic Issues

One of the primary objectives of the Rawalpindi Ring Road project is to alleviate the traffic woes faced by residents. Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha expressed confidence that the timely execution of the project would lead to significant improvements in the traffic situation, benefiting both Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


Role of Retired Officers

During the farewell ceremony held at Rawalpindi Gymkhana, Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha acknowledged the services of two retired officers, Chief Engineer; Dr. Muhammad Habib-ul-Haq Randhawa and Director Engineering RDA; Amir Rasheed. He commended their dedication and emphasized the importance of good performance and professionalism among public officials.


Future Projects and Commitments

Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha urged the authorities to commence other essential projects, including the Ring Road Project, Nullah Lai Project, and Kachehri Chowk Project. These initiatives hold immense promise in transforming the infrastructure landscape of Rawalpindi, further improving the quality of life for its residents.


The signing of the MoU between RDA and Asian Consulting Engineers JV marks a significant step forward in the realization of the Rawalpindi Ring Road project. With its potential to tackle traffic congestion and enhance connectivity, the project is poised to bring about positive changes in the city’s infrastructure. The commitment of the authorities and the engagement of international consultants exemplify the determination to ensure the project’s success. As Rawalpindi moves forward with this transformative development, residents can look forward to a more efficient transportation system and improved urban living conditions.


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