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There is no doubt that overseas investment in homeland has flourished in the past few years and we all saw a drastic change in the GDP.

Investments that are processed in the real estate sector of Pakistan, are said to be the finest choice made by Overseas because it not only increases their property but also benefits the economy of homeland. Most Pakistanis living abroad have relocated to various states, to live a healthy wealthy life since the early 90’s. As of today, Pakistanis are one of the biggest diasporas dwelling across the Globe.

According to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)’s 2020 World Investment Report, the Foreign direct investment inflows to Pakistan have increased from USD 1.7 billion in 2018 to USD 2.2 billion in 2019.

Capability of Pakistan Estate Market:

Pakistan’s Real Estate Sector has a total asset of 300 to 400 billion. Additionally, Pakistan has seen global interest in land property in the past couple of years. The development of international program Gwadar is a gorgeous sight in the worldwide market right now. This has turned out to be a smart justification for global financial backers to view Pakistan as an expected country for their future undertakings. Looking at these details and tendency of global financial backers, individuals of our state are likewise captivated and need to put either in the private or business land area. The land area has forever been an extraordinary spot for speculation as it is inseparable.

Steps Taken by Government:

The government of Pakistan is encouraging Pakistanis abroad now to put in their resources and invest into the real estate business. Thus, in view of solid continuous inflows from Pakistanis abroad putting resources into estate business, there are chances that costs of properties in Pakistan might show a rise. It might as well empower finance managers to appreciate great profits from the ventures made in anyplace in the country.

Dissimilar to previous negligence, Pakistan’s estate industry is presently offering truthfulness, trustworthiness, and respectability which support foreign financial certainty. Likewise, Pakistani government has initiated different functioning venture of advancement programs in which they have taken various financial progression measures to make the country more progressive. The authority has offered overseas investors growth margin by introducing programs in different sectors

Prime Minister Imran Khan in his tenure has always talked about overseas citizens and called them an asset of Pakistan’s economy. He introduced many different programs and schemes to allure them to invest in Pakistan by creating a secure environment. On the question of overseas Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Fawad Hussain in interview with Gulf News said:

“Abroad Pakistanis stand behind Pakistan to make it monetarily strong and Prime Minister Imran Khan vows to remain by them as he has done, which no other state leader might have even considered accomplishing for Pakistanis living abroad,”

For instance,

  • Roshan Digital Account
  • Roshan Apna Ghar
  • Sohni Dharti Remittance Program
  • Overseas Enclave Islamabad
  • Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority

Pak Overseas Real Estate Forum

POREF (Pakistan Overseas Real Estate Forum) is an intuitive stage one of its sort. Bringing financial backers and associating Pakistani land partners to make collaborations that will prompt critical advancements in Pakistan’s land area. POREF will additionally upgrade Pakistan’s land industry by making a scaffold for potential land monsters to showcase themselves in front of potential unfamiliar purchasers that will bring about unfamiliar direct venture.


The Overseas Community will be part of these networking sessions and business matchups to create profitable deals for the Pakistan Real Estate sector. The aim is to showcase some 500 billion worth of projects in Pakistan’s overseas market and look forward to reaching the target of Rs. 50 billion. It will help the market to increase employment opportunities and foreign direct investment in Pakistan to strengthen the economy.

As for the POREF publicity strategy, several awareness programs and expo were organized. POREF is providing a whimsical chance for Pakistanis living in any foreign country, to discover more about some of the greatest real estate developments that are taking place at home.

Call for Naya Pakistan

This is the public authority drive to engage foreign Pakistanis and urge them to put more in Pakistan. Moreover, overseas Pakistan Federation offers various types of assistance to individuals living abroad. The snare of these residential social orders spreads over the whole country. The public authority has fabricated these residential orders in Islamabad, Lahore, Larkana, Mirpur, Peshawar, Gujrat, and Dadu. The plots have also been designated to a few groups up till now.

Roshan Digital Account:

Roshan Digital Account program is initiated by PM Imran Khan and is a monetary arrangement. It tends to work with Non-Resident and Foreign Pakistanis in their arrangements for interest in Pakistan based Savings Schemes. It is also reasonable for both Pakistani Rupee and US Dollar based exchanges. This Digital Account is a significant new drive of State Bank of Pakistan, in a joint effort with business working and operating. This program gives imaginative financial answers for a huge number of Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) looking to embrace banking and instalments.


Benefits of RDA:

  1. Giving computerized admittance to all regular record administrations
  2. Bills and Charge installments
  • Online business.
  1. Interest in offers and units of assets in Pakistan Stock Market.
  2. Interest in units of shared reserves

The immigrant population of a nation is a great resource for its growth in the economy and a conduit for the transfer of tech expertise as well as remittances. Additionally, they may offer chances for business, finance, creativity, and competent partnerships. This is a precise explanation why the Pakistan Government has designated the expatriate Pakistanis as a “National Asset” who would play a prominent role in boosting the country’s socioeconomic development via their knowledge, experience, and investments

We, at Sapphire Builders and Associates are here to give you an insight of recent remarkable changes happening in real estate for overseas Pakistanis.

About the Author: Aimen Zulfiqar

Currently doing my bachelors in Peace and Conflict Studies. Other than acing a degree, I enjoy reading, writing, and watching documentaries. A writer with a strong sense of curiosity. A soul always taking pictures of clouds, moon, rain, and every other random thing to make it aesthetic, and you will always find me ranting and venting about something with my big mug of coffee.

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