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CDA has welcomed the first batch of 30 new electric buses from China

In a groundbreaking move toward sustainable urban transportation, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) of Islamabad has ushered in a new era with the arrival of 30 electric buses from China. This initiative aims to provide eco-friendly means of transportation for the citizens of Islamabad, addressing both environmental concerns and the growing need for efficient public transit.

The Arrival of the Electric Fleet

The first batch of 30 new electric buses has made its debut at the Zero Point Bus Terminal, marking a significant milestone for Islamabad’s transportation system. As part of the CDA’s agreement with China, a total of 160 electric buses are set to be procured, promising a cleaner and greener future for the capital city.

 Expansion of Routes

The CDA’s commitment to enhancing public transportation in Islamabad is evident as the new electric buses are slated to be introduced on additional routes. The chairman of CDA announced that these environmentally conscious vehicles will be integrated into 13 new routes within the metro bus fleet. This expansion aims to cater to a wider population, ensuring that more citizens have access to convenient and sustainable transit options.


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Upcoming Developments

The positive momentum doesn’t stop with the arrival of the first batch. Islamabad anticipates the arrival of the second batch of Electric Vehicles (EVs) from China in the upcoming months, further solidifying the city’s commitment to sustainable urban mobility. This second wave of electric buses is expected to arrive in February or March, bringing additional eco-friendly options to the city’s public transit network.

Covering Key Areas

The new routes are strategically designed to cover crucial areas of Islamabad, ensuring that citizens from various sectors can benefit from the electric bus service. These areas include Police Foundation, Orange Line Stations, Faiz Ahmed Faiz Avenue, Allama Iqbal Station to Potohar Station, sectors I-16 to B-17, and Sector 26 to Chungi No 26. The expansion of routes not only enhances connectivity but also addresses the growing transportation needs of the city’s residents.

Environmental Impact and Citizen Benefits

The introduction of electric buses aligns with the global push towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions. By opting for zero-emission buses, Islamabad aims to contribute to environmental conservation and reduce its carbon footprint. Additionally, these electric buses will ease traffic congestion, providing a smoother and more efficient commuting experience for citizens.


As 30 electric buses from China grace the streets of Islamabad, the city takes a significant step toward a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future. The CDA’s commitment to expanding the electric bus fleet and introducing new routes reflects a progressive approach to urban development. This initiative not only addresses environmental concerns but also prioritizes the well-being and convenience of Islamabad’s residents. The electrification of public transportation is a positive stride towards a smarter and more sustainable capital city.

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