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68 Dead in Nepal’s Plane Crash in Resort Town

The pilot of the jet that crashed in Nepal, according to a spokeswoman, did not observe “anything abnormal” as the aircraft approached the airport. According to Anup Joshi, there were “no weather issues,” the mountains were clear, and the visibility was excellent. He also mentioned the light wind.

Details of the Nepal’s Plane Crash

There were 72 passengers and staff members on board Sunday’s derelict Yeti Airlines aircraft from Kathmandu to the tourist resort of Pokhara.

Nobody is believed to have survived. In the past 30 years, this has been one of the deadliest aviation crashes in the nation.

On Monday, parts of the Yeti Airlines plane were dispersed on both sides of the riverbank like broken toys. One portion of the aircraft was on its side, many meters distant, but the windows were unharmed. A thick cloud of smoke hung in the air, and the burned grass on the bank served as a reminder of the firestorm that had devoured the plane after it had crash-landed. As it touched the runway, the plane was trapped on a mobile phone that was rolling sharply.

Then, just over a kilometer away from the airport, it collapsed to the ground in the Seti River’s valley. According to Mr. Joshi, the airport approved the pilot’s request to change from the authorized runway 3 to runway 1.

“Both runways allowed us to conduct operations. The plane was given the all-clear to land.”


Airport’s Reoperation After 15 Days

He mentioned the fact that the incident struck barely 15 days after the airport had started business as being “very unfortunate.” As they searched through the debris, police officers from Nepal informed us that they had found the black box flight recorder. Additionally, the voice recorder has been found as well.

Possibility of Crash Survivors

They no longer hold out the possibility of uncovering any survivors. Now, the top priority was to look for any clues as to how this had happened. Monday was declared a National Day of Mourning by the prime minister, and an investigation panel has been established by the administration.



Eyewitnesses of the Incident

Many residents were present on both sides of the wide gorge, who were able to witness the incident when the plane landed. Indra Prasad Saptoka gave a statement and stated that she had seen the plane veer to the side just prior to impact. He was glad that it collapsed far from the adjacent homes.

Another local, Divya Dhakal, recalled how, shortly after 11:00 local time (05:15 GMT), she saw the plane vanish from the sky and went to the accident area. The crash site was already jammed when I arrived. The flames coming out of the burned plane were spewing out a lot of smoke. Helicopters quickly followed after that, she stated.

The pilot made every effort to avoid hitting any homes or civilization, she continued. Right next to the Seti River, there was a small area, and that was where the crash occurred. Aviation mishaps are common in Nepal, where remote runways and sudden weather changes can create hazardous conditions. This Himalayan country is home to some of the world’s most treacherous terrain and magnificent mountain ranges.

In the past, insufficient oversight and a lack of investment in contemporary aircraft have also been highlighted as contributing factors. Nepalese airlines are not permitted to fly in the European Union’s airspace due to concerns about maintenance and training standards.

In May 2022, the Tara Airplane disaster in northern Nepal claimed the lives of 22 people.

Four years ago, an aircraft from Bangladesh caught fire as it touched down in Kathmandu, resulting in the death of 51 passengers.


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Possible Reasons for the Crash

According to Nepali authorities, search and rescue operations for the two people still missing continued on Tuesday. Ajaya KC, the district police commander, said the search was challenging due to the weather and that when it cleared up, drones would be used to find individuals who were missing.

French investigators will be on the scene by Tuesday to help with the continuing inquiry into the cause of the disaster.

Officials said that the black box, which captures flight data, was discovered on Monday and would be delivered to CAAN. Aviation authorities said on Tuesday that just minutes before the plane went down, the pilot had requested a different runway from air traffic controllers.

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