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CDA Launches Bhara Kahu to Murree Bus Service for Tourists

CDA has proposed to launch Bhara Kahu to Murree Bus Service for Tourists. The shuttle service will depart for Murree after every one and a half hours. Tourists traveling through the service will be charged Rs100 for one-side travel, while children below 12 years and citizens above 65 years of age can travel for free. A shuttle bus service connecting Islamabad and Murree has been formally launched by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). The action aims to make life easier for the tourists that visit the hill resort all year round.

Bus Route

The subsidized bus service will be functional via Bhara Kahu, Islamabad, to Lower Topa and Murree. CDA has hired M/S Faisal Movers to look after this matter. The service will only be provided on weekends starting the next week, with an estimated eight buses operating on this route every day at a one-and-a-half-hour interval.

Charges per Person

CDA launched this shuttle service. The bus operator will charge the CDA Rs. 250 for each passenger, of which Rs. 100 will be collected from the passengers, and the remaining Rs. 150 will be covered as a “subsidy” by the civic authority out of its own funds.

Murree Bus Service for Tourists

Inauguration of Bus Service

Three senior PML-N leaders, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, and Hanif Abbasi, officially launched the Murree bus service for tourists from Islamabad. These three leaders will benefit politically from this initiative as Mr. Khaqan directly contests elections from Murree. The other two have large support bases of voters born in the hill station in their respective constituencies.

Bhara Kahu to Murree Bus Service for tourists is scheduled to begin in January, although it may be extended depending on the viability and response of commuters.

Future Consequences

The Capital Development Authority has begun a subsidized shuttle bus service for tourists between Islamabad and Murree, which may result in an audit objection in the future. Because the CDA is a municipal agency, interested parties believe it has nothing to do with running subsidized inter-provincial bus service for tourists. In an interview, a senior officer of the authority stated that operating a bus service between two distinct cities is beyond the authority’s mandate and could result in audit complaints in the future.

Former Special Assistant to the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Islamabad Chapter Ali Nawaz Awan termed the job as “very controversial and politicized.”


murree bus service for tourists

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He claimed that the CDA was the only profitable department but that these leaders were now looting its resources to further their political ambitions. He questioned how the CDA could provide a bus service for Murree locals by selling its own properties, which are generally intended for the benefit of Islamabad and to meet administrative costs. Mr. Awan noted the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Service, for which the CDA is paying a large amount of the subsidy, as another example of capital expenditure being spent for political mileage.

SBAA Offering Free Transportation Service

The shuttle bus service proposed by CDA is not operational yet. However, Sapphire Builders & Associates (SBAA), a renowned name in real estate, has announced to provide free transportation to Oak Vista Resort. Oak Vista is located at the heart of the tourist spot, Murree. It is at an ideal location, providing tourists with a safe and smooth entry and exit throughout the year. Oak Vista is built keeping in view the modern infrastructure standards. You will enjoy visiting Oak Vista, surrounded by picturesque views and natural beauty.

On top of that, SBAA offers a one-night free stay to its clients and the opportunity to enjoy top-class amenities at subsidized rates. Upon booking a room in Oak Vista, you can also enjoy scrumptious hi-tea free of charge. SBAA has also established a Guest House at the Oak Vista construction site to give visitors a feel of the actual environment at the resort location.

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