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Saudi Arabia Will Develop a $Billion Mars-Themed City, in Taif

In a grand proclamation of its commitment to the forefront of space exploration, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has unfurled ambitious plans for a pioneering city dedicated to the marvels of the cosmos. Termed as the “Science Fiction Space City” or “Mars War,” this project is set to propel the nation into the annals of space innovation. At the recent Taif Investment Forum, a significant milestone was marked with contracts exceeding 11 billion riyals, approximately 2.9 billion dollars, inked for various projects. One stellar highlight of this commitment is the groundbreaking collaboration with the Chinese Beijing Technology Group to bring the “Science Fiction Space City” to life, a venture that heralds a new era in space-inspired tourism.

The Billion-Dollar Vision

With an initial investment of 5 billion Saudi riyals (approximately 1.3 billion dollars) earmarked for the inaugural phase, the “Science Fiction Space City” is poised to be a testament to Saudi Arabia’s dedication to advancing space exploration and innovation. The city’s final phase, estimated to potentially surpass 20 billion riyals, underlines the magnitude of this visionary undertaking. The commitment is clear – to create a city that transcends earthly limits and ignites the collective imagination with the allure of space.


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Space Tourism Meets Innovation

The Taif Investment Forum became the launchpad for this stellar venture, where more than 11 billion riyals in investment contracts were sealed. The collaboration with the Chinese Beijing Technology Group stands out as a symbol of international cooperation in the pursuit of space-inspired tourism. The “Science Fiction Space City” promises an immersive experience, seamlessly blending technology, science, and the enchantment of space, all with a focal point on Mars exploration.

Diverse Ventures for a Bold Future

The vision unveiled at the forum extends beyond the celestial realms. The approved investments cover a spectrum of ventures, from the creation of luxurious five-star resorts to pioneering projects in material science aimed at reducing energy consumption in computers. Notably, the establishment of a facility for rose cultivation and beauty product manufacturing reflects a commitment to diverse sectors aligned with Saudi Arabia’s broader economic diversification initiative.

Elevating Economic Horizons

Saudi Arabia’s resolute focus on becoming a global investment destination is evident in the diverse projects greenlit at the Taif Investment Forum. These initiatives not only position the nation as a technological and innovative hub but also align with broader economic diversification goals. The forum serves as a testament to the Kingdom’s determination to shape its future, embracing progress and innovation as it reaches for the stars.


In a resounding declaration of commitment to space innovation, Saudi Arabia’s unveiling of the “Science Fiction Space City” at the Taif Investment Forum signifies a monumental leap into the cosmos. With contracts exceeding 11 billion riyals, the collaboration with the Chinese Beijing Technology Group for this space-inspired venture ushers in a new era of tourism, seamlessly melding technology, science, and the allure of Mars. The billion-dollar vision, spanning from an initial 5 billion riyals to a potential 20 billion riyals, underscores the nation’s dedication to advancing space exploration and transcending earthly limits.

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