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All eight people trapped in Battagram chairlift rescued after day long operation

The Dawn of Desperation

On a tranquil Tuesday morning in Allai tehsil of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Battagram, tranquility was interrupted by a sudden crisis. An unsuspecting cable car, routinely ferrying passengers, faced a catastrophic malfunction. This car, carrying eight passengers including six eager students on their way to school, became a suspended chamber of fear as cables snapped, leaving them hanging precariously above the roaring Jhangri river.

Alarms Ring, Battagram’s Heartbeat Quickens

The serene ambiance of the Battagram morning was abruptly pierced by urgent calls from mosque loudspeakers, a stark contrast to their usual call to prayers. These announcements echoed with urgency, swiftly cascading across the valleys and mountains, transforming the atmosphere of calm to one of trepidation. Villagers, regardless of their chores and routines, paused and heeded the call.

Neighboring communities, too, were alerted, and without a second thought, they began to converge on the incident site. Local officials, understanding the gravity of the situation, were amongst the first to arrive. With every passing minute, the area around the dangling cable car swelled with a sea of anxious faces, each one staring upwards, their hearts oscillating between hope and concern. Children, elders, and youngsters stood shoulder to shoulder, unified in their silent prayers for the safety of the trapped passengers.


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Mobilizing the Might – Battagram’s Tapestry of Heroes

Crisis moments like these demand not just concern, but decisive action. Battagram’s local officials, well-aware of their responsibilities, wasted no time. Activating their emergency response mechanisms, they reached out for reinforcements and expertise. Urgent communications were made with the National Disaster Management Authority and the Provincial Disaster Management Authority. Recognizing the magnitude of the crisis, these organizations promptly deployed their best resources and personnel. The collaboration between various departments was seamless, each bringing its unique expertise to the fore, weaving a resilient web of rescue efforts.


In tandem, the might of the nation was also on the move. The Pakistan Army and Air Force, pillars of the country’s defense and rescue operations, were mobilized. Helicopters were readied, and the elite Special Services Group (SSG) was put on standby. Their mission was clear: ensure the safe retrieval of every soul from that suspended cable car. As the rotors of the helicopters began to turn, and as the SSG personnel geared up, the collective determination of the entire rescue ensemble was palpable. The message was clear: Battagram was not alone in this; the entire nation stood with it, ready to face and overcome this challenge.

Aerial Challenges – Battling Nature’s Fury

Mother Nature, in her unpredictable demeanor, added to the complexities. The region’s gusty winds turned the rescue mission into a formidable challenge. Preliminary aerial assessments underlined the dire situation- the gondola, hanging by a meager thread, was incredibly susceptible to the wind’s whims.

Every Second Counts – The Delicate Operation

As the nation watched with bated breath, the rescue operation unfolded like a high-stakes drama. The media documented each maneuver, amplifying the tension and the anticipation. The first moments of success arrived when the rescue teams, demonstrating sheer expertise, safely retrieved two children using the ‘sling’ technique.

It wasn’t just a display of the army’s prowess; the local residents of Battagram played a pivotal role. Their intimate knowledge of the terrain, their on-ground support, and their unwavering encouragement formed the backbone of this massive endeavor.

Unity in Diversity – Army and Locals Hand in Hand

The synergy between the army and the locals was palpable. This was a collective fight against adversity, a testament to the resilient Pakistani spirit. The locals offered invaluable insights, assisted with on-ground logistics, and provided moral support, proving indispensable to the mission.

An Odyssey Concludes – Triumph of Willpower

After 15 long hours, the mission ended well. All eight people were safely back on the ground. The nation exhaled in relief, and gratitude flowed. Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar’s words captured the essence of this monumental achievement, highlighting the unparalleled contributions of both the army and the Battagram locals.

Sapphire Builders Salute the Heroes

In recognizing valor, Sapphire Builders and Associates step forward to express their profound appreciation for the indomitable spirit showcased during the rescue. As a company dedicated to community well-being, they witness in this incident a reflection of the nation’s unwavering unity and determination.

This tale of Battagram’s aerial drama isn’t just about a successful rescue operation; it’s a timeless testament to unity, resilience, and the power of collective effort in the face of overwhelming adversity.

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