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Smooth Traffic Flow Restored as Soan Bridge Reopens


In a recent development that brings relief to Rawalpindi’s commuters, the Soan Bridge has been reopened after undergoing 48 days of extensive repairs. This essential link over the Soan River, connecting Rawat and Kutchery Chowk, plays a pivotal role in the region’s transportation network. The collapse of a section of the bridge on June 26, 2023, disrupted traffic and led to widespread congestion, particularly in areas like Bahria Town, DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi, and the main G.T. Road.

Bridge Repair Efforts:

The meticulous restoration efforts spanning nearly seven weeks have successfully led to the reopening of the Soan Bridge. This segment’s reconstruction, which encompassed a pillar and girders, was a complex task exacerbated by challenges posed by the monsoon season. Despite the obstacles, the repair work was executed with precision to ensure both safety and efficiency.

Management of Traffic Diversions:

To manage traffic during the repair period, a series of traffic diversions were implemented. Heavy traffic was rerouted to the old Airport Road, while lighter vehicles were directed to an adjacent bridge. Unfortunately, these measures resulted in extended travel times, causing queues and slow-moving vehicles due to the surge in traffic volume.


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Impact on Local Communities:

Residents from various localities, including Defence Housing Authority and Bahria Town, bore the brunt of the traffic-related disruptions caused by the bridge’s closure. The hardships of extended travel times and congestion deeply impacted daily routines, leading to understandable frustrations among affected individuals.

Project Timeline and Delays:

Initiated in 2017, the Soan Bridge expansion project was originally projected to conclude by January 2022. However, delays attributed to a range of factors, including political unrest and unforeseen challenges, pushed the expected completion date to mid or late 2024. Despite these setbacks, the dedication of organizations like the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) and the National Highway Authority (NHA) has remained steadfast.

Positive Outcomes of Reopening:

With the successful restoration and reopening of the Soan Bridge, a notable reduction in traffic congestion is anticipated. Commuters who were compelled to take alternative routes during the repair period will now experience smoother journeys, leading to decreased travel times and alleviated frustrations. The bridge’s restoration stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of various entities involved in its repair and upkeep.

Sapphire Builders and Associates’ Contribution:

Throughout the challenges posed by the Soan Bridge closure, Sapphire Builders and Associates continued to demonstrate their commitment to offering top-notch real estate and construction services. As a prominent player in the industry, Sapphire Builders and Associates recognize the integral role that efficient infrastructure plays in the well-being of communities and businesses alike. Their unwavering dedication to excellence underscores their mission to enhance the overall quality of life for the region’s residents.


The reopening of the Soan Bridge serves as a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to restore seamless traffic flow between Rawat and Kutchery Chowk. While the repair journey presented its fair share of obstacles and inconveniences, it also underscored the resilience and determination of both the authorities involved and the local populace. As the Soan Bridge once again welcomes the passage of vehicles, the collective focus remains on fostering enhanced transportation and enriching the daily lives of the region’s inhabitants. Sapphire Builders and Associates’ unyielding commitment to excellence reiterates the importance of robust infrastructure in shaping vibrant and thriving communities.

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