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Beijing aims to bolster CPEC for an additional decade


In a momentous declaration, the Chinese ambassador in Pakistan, Jiang Zaidong, has expressed China’s unwavering commitment to strengthen the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) over the course of the next decade. This reaffirmation of support underlines the significance of CPEC, a colossal infrastructure and economic development project, in the ongoing partnership between China and Pakistan.

Ambassador Jiang Zaidong’s Pledge

The Chinese ambassador’s recent remarks at the “CPEC and My Life” seminar emphasize China’s dedication to this game-changing project. He stated that China is poised to work closely with diverse stakeholders in Pakistan to further advance CPEC over the next decade. This commitment echoes the agreement between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Pakistani leaders, focusing on high-quality, sustainable, and enhanced cooperation in both security and development domains.

Ambassador Jiang Zaidong also highlighted the potential for mutual cooperation in emerging sectors such as industry, agriculture, mining, science and technology, and information technology. He envisages a CPEC that transcends economic significance and transforms into a “corridor of love and peace,” bringing the people of China and Pakistan closer together.

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CPEC’s Evolution

The declaration of Beijing’s continued support comes as CPEC enters a new phase of development. Caretaker Information Minister Murtaza Solangi expressed his optimism regarding the positive impact of CPEC at the grassroots level. Various CPEC projects, including the Orange Train in Lahore, Thar coal development in Sindh, and the port city of Gwadar in Balochistan, have already greatly benefited the people of Pakistan. These initiatives have provided jobs, improved transportation, and boosted economic prospects in different regions.

Expanding Horizons

Pakistan is gearing up for an expanded phase of CPEC, one that goes beyond infrastructure development. The establishment of the Special Investment Facilitation Council is set to provide streamlined support for investors, making Pakistan an even more attractive destination for business opportunities. The collaboration is expected to extend into mining, agriculture, information technology, and other emerging sectors.

The Benefits of CPEC

CPEC has not only transformed Pakistan’s economic landscape but has also forged stronger ties between the two nations. It has upgraded infrastructure, enhancing road, rail, and air transportation systems, thereby fostering more extensive people-to-people interactions and academic exchanges.

Foreign Secretary Syrus Qazi pointed out that CPEC is President Xi’s flagship project within the Belt and Road Initiative. It symbolizes the strategic cooperation between Pakistan and China, ushering in an era of regional connectivity and economic integration. From the border of Pakistan and China in Xinjiang to the deep-sea ports of Karachi and Gwadar, the economic landscape of Pakistan has undergone a significant transformation in the last decade. It has boosted productivity and brought rapid economic development to less privileged and remote areas.

A Shared Vision

The shared goal of Pakistan and China is to develop Gwadar as a regional trade and connectivity hub, linking it with markets in Central Asia and the Middle East. The implementation of such a massive project requires robust political and public support, which continues to be evident as CPEC enters a new and promising phase.


Beijing’s commitment to strengthen CPEC for another decade signifies the enduring partnership between China and Pakistan. As this transformative initiative evolves, it holds the potential to continue reshaping not only the economic landscapes of both nations but also their strategic and social bonds. CPEC’s journey promises to bring about profound and positive change, enhancing connectivity, economic prosperity, and mutual understanding in the years to come.

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