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Experience the Best Quality Construction in Islamabad: A Deep Dive into Opal Mall & Luxury Suites


Islamabad, the heart of Pakistan, is evolving rapidly, and leading the change in its skyline is the Best Quality Construction in Islamabad – the Opal Mall & Luxury Suites by Sapphire Builders and Associates. The majestic building aims to redefine the standards of luxury and sophistication.

 A Benchmark in Construction Excellence

When it comes to the best construction company in Islamabad, Sapphire Builders And Associates have undoubtedly set a new benchmark. Their masterpiece, the Opal Mall, stands tall amidst the serene beauty of Bahria Town, promising a lifestyle of unparalleled luxury. Their emphasis on best quality finish construction in Islamabad has made them a brand synonymous with trust and quality.

Why Opal Mall & Luxury Suites?

The question isn’t why, but why not? Here’s why this is your Best Investment Opportunity:

  1. Good Architecture in Islamabad: The aesthetic appeal and grandeur of the Opal Mall are testament to the dedication of Sapphire Builders And Associates to provide quality construction.
  2. Reliable Builders: With an annual capital gain of 66.6%, even in challenging economic times, Sapphire Builders have showcased their reliability and commitment to their customers.
  3. Best Apartments: Offering a mix of commercial, residential, and corporate solutions, the Mall hosts 69 shops, 81 luxury apartments, and 18 state-of-the-art offices.
  4. Technological Advancement: State-of-the-art facilities, world-class amenities, and the latest technological infrastructure, everything at Opal screams sophistication.
  5. Location: The convenience of being located at the heart of Bahria Town’s business hub is unmatched.


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 The Grandeur of Opal

Opal Mall & Luxury Suites is not just a construction; it’s a statement. Standing as the tallest building from Phase 1 to Phase 6 of Bahria Town, it boasts a height of 306 ft. The Mall promises a Best Return on investment for anyone looking for the Best Real Estate agency deals in Islamabad.

 A Glimpse into the Luxury

Opal Mall & Luxury Suites provides a plethora of options ranging from 1 to 2-bed luxury apartments and two ultra-lavish penthouses. All of these Luxury Apartments come with an array of features:

– Premium material finishes and laminated floors.

– Exquisite bathroom fixtures.

– Firefighting equipment, smoke detectors, and an automatic sprinkler system.

– High-tech penthouses with customization options.

– World-class amenities such as a gym, surveillance system, renowned commercial brand outlets, spacious rooms with ultra-modern kitchens, and a 24/7 security system.

 Affordable Apartments with a Luxury Touch

While the Opal Mall & Luxury Suites is the embodiment of luxury, the Affordable apartments ensure that luxury is accessible to all. With a Best Investment Opportunity in Islamabad and a promise of the Best Return on investment, it’s an offer that’s hard to resist.


For anyone eyeing a reliable Construction Company for a quality-driven real estate venture, Opal Mall & Luxury Suites by Sapphire Builders and Associates is the place to be. Offering unmatched luxury at affordable rates, it’s poised to become the crown jewel of Islamabad’s real estate market. So, if you’re in search of a lifetime investment opportunity or a dream home, Opal Mall & Luxury Suites should be at the top of your list.

Exploring Beyond Opal Mall & Luxury Suites

Sapphire Builders and Associates are not just confined to the heart of Islamabad. If the luxury of Opal Mall & Luxury Suites enticed you, wait till you delve into the beauty of Oak Vista in Murree.

 Oak Vista: Nature Meets Luxury

Oak Vista stands proudly in the bustling tourist hub of Murree. Living here is not just a lifestyle but an unparalleled experience. Imagine residing next to a natural reserve while being pampered with all modern amenities – that’s Oak Vista for you. Boasting breathtaking views of the Murree Valley, it serves as a premium luxury real estate destination for those who deserve nothing but the best. Indeed, Oak Vista is making waves as the best place to buy property in Pakistan.

So, whether it’s the urban charm of Opal Mall & Luxury Suites or the tranquil elegance of Oak Vista, Sapphire Builders and Associates ensure that every corner of their constructions whispers luxury. Don’t just dream, live it!

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