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Murree & Kotli Sattian Declared Forest Reserves by RDA

In a groundbreaking move towards environmental conservation and sustainable tourism, the Rawalpindi district administration, under the leadership of Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha, has officially declared Kotli Sattian and Murree as forest reserves. This significant decision marks a pivotal moment in the region’s commitment to transforming its natural landscapes into eco-friendly tourist destinations.

Aligning with Legal Directives: Lahore High Court’s Influence

The decision to declare Kotli Sattian and Murree as forest reserves is not arbitrary but a well-thought-out step in compliance with the directives of the Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench. These directives, particularly associated with the Murree Contingency Plan, provide a strategic framework for the sustainable development and conservation of these natural havens.

Safety First: Nabil Javed’s Emphasis on Compliance

During a crucial meeting addressing the execution of Lahore High Court’s decisions regarding the Murree Contingency Plan, Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha revealed the administration’s commitment to safety. Senior Member Nabil Javed, present at the meeting, stressed the importance of prompt compliance with the court’s instructions to ensure the safety of both tourists and the environment.


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Streamlining Development: Removing Barriers and Local Preparations

To expedite the master plan for Murree, Commissioner Chatha issued orders to remove all barriers hindering the development process. This step aims to streamline the implementation of the plan, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with the region’s natural beauty. Additionally, Nabil Javed directed comprehensive local preparations, emphasizing the need for coordinated efforts among various departments.

Mobilizing Resources: Additional Labor for Murree

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Senior Member Nabil Javed directed departments such as Civil Defense, police, forest, and others to promptly supply additional labor to the Murree government. This proactive approach demonstrates a commitment to efficiently execute the plans for Murree’s development and conservation.

Infrastructure Upgrade: Quick Completion of Bypasses

Commissioner Chatha’s orders for the rapid completion of Dadhyal, Bustan Mor, Bansra Gali, and Kali Mitti, the four bypasses under construction and heading towards Galiyat, highlight the administration’s dedication to enhancing infrastructure. These bypasses are crucial for improving connectivity and ensuring a smoother flow of traffic in the region.

Snowfall Preparedness: Plans in Place

Addressing concerns about impending snowfall, Commissioner Chatha briefed the group on the comprehensive plans in place. Assuring that all departments are on high alert, this step reflects the administration’s proactive stance in dealing with weather-related challenges and ensuring the safety of residents and visitors.

Encroachment Operation and Development Moratorium

In a commendable move, the Rawalpindi district administration, under Commissioner Chatha’s directives, conducted an encroachment operation, demolishing all unlawful constructions. Additionally, development activities have been prohibited for two months, demonstrating a commitment to preserving the natural environment and adhering to legal regulations.

Future Plans: Murree Improvement Trust’s Parking Plaza

As part of the broader development plan, the Murree Improvement Trust’s ownership of ten canals for the construction of a parking plaza reflects forward-thinking infrastructure initiatives. This proactive approach aims to address the growing demands of tourism while minimizing environmental impact.


The declaration of Murree and Kotli Sattian as forest reserves by the Rawalpindi district administration represents a monumental step towards sustainable tourism and environmental conservation. The comprehensive approach, guided by legal directives, emphasizes safety, infrastructure development, and environmental preservation. As the region moves forward, it is poised to become a shining example of responsible and eco-conscious tourism for other areas to emulate.

Sapphire Builders & Associates appreciates RDA for preserving the areas around Murree District, as this is very important for the conservation of the environment. We as builders have always worked towards Corporate Social responsibility, e.g. Oak Vista is one of the projects under the umbrella of Sapphire Builders & Associates. It is located in the heart of the Murree Hills and surrounded by a large number of trees. We make sure that our construction activities do not hurt any natural reservoirs around our project and preserve the trees around.


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