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CDA Recommences Work to Develop C-15 on ‘Priority Basis’

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has resumed development work in Sector C-15 on a “priority basis” after a seven-year hiatus.

The civic organisation began developing the sector last year, but it quickly came to what now seems like a pause. The CDA management now wants to prioritise the sector’s development.

CDA Chairman’s Tweet

“After a seven-year hiatus, development work has started again. The area would be developed, and land will be given to allottees as soon as possible, CDA Chairman Noorul Amin Mengal tweeted on Tuesday.

Based on a land-sharing agreement, the CDA bought the sector in 2008, giving the locals developed plots of one kanal as opposed to a four-kanal plot.

Committee Formation to Scrutinize Balloting Cases

Plots were assigned by the CDA in opposition to the land, but no assignment letters have yet been given.

For the built-up property prize announced in 2016, at least 504 people were deemed qualified. After providing the necessary information, 167 of them were put on the A-list, and 337 were put on the B-list. According to CDA authorities, “Claimants in the B-list will be placed in the first list after they supply the necessary information.”

Resumption-of- Development-on-c-15

In the meantime, Dhoke Ashraf, a small plot of land in this area, is still unacquired. According to sources, in view of the CDA’s questionable past with regard to the BuP awards, satellite imagery was required before the CDA could announce the BuP award for this locality in order to deter phoney entries.

Oversight Committee

Recently, the CDA chairman formed an oversight committee over the balloting of plots for estate affected in Sector C-15. The committee comprised Member Inspection Riaz Ahmed Javed and DDG Building Control, Shahbaz Naqvi, Director Discipline Anbar Gillani, and Deputy Director Revenue Abdul Razzak Khakwani.

Its duties include examining the Sector C-15 balloting cases, the standards established for the scrutiny of the cases, the veracity of the reports, the cross-verification of pertinent land records available with the CDA and ICT, the examination of objections, and taking steps to ensure transparency.

Resumption-of- Development-on-c-15

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The committee is also entrusted with making sure that the potential allottee has/had given CDA ownership of his/her land free from encumbrances. In order to ascertain if the recipients had turned over or fulfilled their obligations to the CDA, the committee must also keep track of the results of the most recent ballot in Sector C-15.

The notification states that the committee must submit its report in three weeks. Plots cannot be balloted unless the committee provides a certificate attesting to the transparency of the process and the veracity of the affected listed on the record.


In conclusion, CDA’s decision to recommence work on developing Sector C-15 on a priority basis is an important step towards the development and expansion of Islamabad. Sector C-15, which has been under discussion for several years, has immense potential to become a significant residential and commercial area, providing a modern and comfortable living environment for the people of Islamabad.

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