Revamping of Real Estate Property

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Best Revamping of Real Estate Property Transference Process by CDA

Revamping of Real Estate Property

The local economy depends heavily on the real estate industry, Capital Development Authority (CDA) is trying to do everything in its power to address the sector’s major problems, in order to promote improved economic activity growth. When speaking to the ICCI Real Estate & Developers Committee at the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Naveed Elahi Member (Estate) CDA, remarked this. He was joined at the event by CDA Director General (Admin) Riaz Ahmed Randhawa.

As per the news reports on July 27, the CDA has issued new directives to streamline the property transfer process. No-Objection Certifications (NOC’s), No-Demand Certificates (NDC’s), property transfers to legal heirs, and building safety certificates are all covered by the amended procedures.

For the industries covered by Real Estate Management-I, transfer letters were initially printed centrally. However, now the transfer letter must be printed, signed, stamped, and embossed by the Assistant Director Admitting One-Window Operation Directorate after the case has been accepted. The transferee must receive the letter that same day. The Directorate of Information Technology will make the necessary preparations by August 1, in this regard.

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The Estate Management-I, State Management-II, and Estate Affected Section will forward the case for requesting reports from the Building Control Directorate to determine the violation of Building Control Regulations, in accordance with this procedure, after receiving an application or legal documentation for legal heirship.

The legal heirs must certify to the CDA, that they will repair any violations of building control regulations within six months, if they occur. However, until the breach of the Building Control Regulations 2020, is remedied, the property transfer to the legal heirs cannot be done.

Remember that if a property is being utilized for non-conferring purposes, those non-conferring purposes must terminate before the property is transferred to the legal owner.

According to reports, the CDA has given instructions to numerous estate managements that fall under its purview to cut down on the number of superfluous processes and speed up the settlement of property-related issues. The specifics of the streamlined process are as follows:

Transfer Letter Procedure

  • Starting on August 1, Estate Management-1 will use a straightforward two-step procedure to print and issue transfer letters of property.
  • The transfer letter would be printed, signed, stamped, and embossed by the assistant director of the One-Window Operation Directorate if the case was approved, and it would then be provided to the transferee on the same day.

 NOC Letters for Real Estate Property

  1. After compliance with the legal rules, just an undertaking will be needed to transfer real estate property to legal heirs as of August 1.
  2. After the legal heirship process is finished, the legal heirs will give the CDA an assurance that they would take down any illegal constructions.
  3. The Estate Affecters, Estate Management-I, and Estate Management-II Sections would transmit the case for requesting reports from the Building Control Directorate (BCD), to evaluate the violation of Building Control Regulations 2020, upon receipt of the application/legal documents for legal heirship.
  4. The legal successor will be given six months to rectify the specific complaint in the event of a building code violation before the transfer notice is sent.

Certificate of No Demand (NDC)

The following actions will be taken for the NDC:

  • It will now take four days to produce a No Demand Certificate (NDC) for Estate Management-I and Estate Management-II.
  • The allottee or applicant would be quickly informed of any legal complications that may have prevented the provision of the NDC upon their request.

A number of steps have been done by CDA’s current management to promptly address property-related issues for the general public, it should be noted. The CDA Facilitation Centre has been launched, and helpline 1819 has also been established to provide the public with effective services using modern technology.

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