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CDA’s Comprehensive Sanitation Initiative for Rural Areas

In a groundbreaking effort to uplift rural communities, the Community Development Association (CDA) has launched a comprehensive sanitation initiative. With a focus on cleanliness, dignity, and access, this transformative program aims to change the lives of people living in remote regions positively.

Through this initiative, CDA has set an ambitious goal to improve sanitation infrastructure, raise awareness about hygiene practices, and provide essential facilities in rural areas. By ensuring access to clean water, proper waste management systems, and hygienic sanitation facilities, CDA is empowering communities and enhancing their overall well-being.


CDA’s Comprehensive Sanitation Initiative for Rural Areas aims to improve the overall well-being and quality of life for rural communities by enhancing sanitation infrastructure, promoting hygiene practices, and providing access to clean water and proper waste management systems.


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Covered Areas in Package I

Thirty-six locations with an estimated population of 200,000 have been added to Package-I for efficient management. The Muslim Colony (Bari Imam), Nur Pur Shahan, Malpur, Shahdara, Mandla, Kot Hathial (in its entirety), Rakh Bani Gala, Lakhawal, Phul Garan, Ghora Baz, Tumair, Lehtrar Road, and other pertinent locations are all included in this bundle.

Covered Areas in Package II

Likewise, Package II includes the areas of Badia Rustam Khan, Badia Qadir Bakhsh, Mera Sumbul Jaffar, Nathiyan / H-13 / H-14, Jhangi Syedan / H-15, Mera Sumbul Akku, Gulshan-e-Khudadad, Bhadana Kalan, Noon, Pind Parian, Sara-e-Kharboza, Tarnol, Sangjani, Sara-e-Madu, Shah Allah Dita, Pind Sanghrial, Mera Bheri, Bekar Fateh Bakhsh, F-12, Daraik Mori, G.T Road, and all adjoining roads, among others. About 260,000 people live in these areas as a whole.

The Hiring Process

The recruiting procedure for the company to provide sanitation services is now in progress, and the Chairman CDA has issued strong directions to complete all necessary legal requirements and maintain transparency.


CDA’s Comprehensive Sanitation Initiative for Rural Areas is a transformative program with immense potential to uplift rural communities. By prioritizing cleanliness, dignity, and access, this initiative aims to bring about positive change in the lives of those living in remote regions. Through improved sanitation infrastructure, increased awareness about hygiene practices, and the provision of essential facilities, CDA is empowering rural communities and enhancing their overall well-being. By investing in this comprehensive approach to sanitation, CDA is improving health outcomes and fostering a sense of dignity, safety, and opportunity for rural dwellers. CDA’s initiative can create sustainable change and enable rural areas to flourish with continued support and collaboration.

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