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The Concept of Capital Gain in Real Estate Business

Capital gains are referred to appreciation in the face value of any property in Pakistan. If someone sells an asset by gaining a profit, it is called capital gain since the value of property keeps increasing through the history of land and mortgages.

It is true when anyone sells a stock for more than paid amount, or sells real estate property for a profit then it is profit gain. It can be taxable, others may be treated without tax. This trend is recent in real estate business with respect to high-rise commercial and residential property in Pakistan. It can be for the short term or long term. After a certain time period, the capital gain on your investment can increase the net worth for selling property in Pakistan.


Advantages of Capital Gain:

  • Increase in worth
  • Appreciation in total worth and project outlook
  • Influx of Domestic Cashflows
  • Growth of Construction sector in the economy
  • Screening of investment opportunities
  • Acquisition and Development of properties in Pakistan
  • Short term high return
  • Assets exchange w.r.t. property in Pakistan
  • Increase businesses

Capital gain and Tax

As many companies are doing business of buying/selling property in Pakistan, Tax is paid on the gain earned on capital investment. Short-term or long-term capital gain tax is a must for everyone to pay according to FBR.

Capital gain



Increased Profit range Maintenance & Repairs
Reliable customer relations with continued investment Keeping up to date
Opportunity for growth Effect on financial tax/ performance

Impact of Capital Gain on any Business:

Selling a property in Pakistan in profit is exciting, but the company will have to manage the capital gains on the investment as it can have an impact on any business:

  • Capital gains occur when a property or other business (or individual) sells equity such as real estate (residential, apartments, shops, and penthouses) machinery equipped, or stock share at more than it cost to buy.
  • Capital gains are taxed at the federal tax rate, but only limited types of businesses can take benefit from that rate.
  • Though having an extra amount in hand from a capital gain sale is an incentive, it can be more complex and time-consuming.


Example of Capital gain through Real Estate Business

The following example shows different capital gain investments through which you can earn or lose your amount.

For Instance, the current price of land is 1 crore butt its original amount was 70 lacs at the start. There is a change in price as the current price is different from the original price. The price change here is 30 lacs. So the capital gain in this example is 30%.


  • In general, investing in the real estate business will always give profit because it’s one of the trending businesses.
  • The main motive of every investment is to invest in the right way and the right hands.
  • Capital gain serves easier to increase the amount from a smaller one to a bigger one.
  • Through capital gain, one can earn more as compared to rental or discounts.
  • Property in Pakistan is using different modes of payments, but capital gain is considered as one of the most beneficial & profitable modes of profit.

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