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CDA Approved Construction of Two More Parking Plazas in Islamabad

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has approved the construction of two more parking plazas in Islamabad, along with the one ongoing project. This decision was made under the supervision of CDA chairman, Noorul Amin Mengal at CDA headquarters.

The parking issues in Islamabad called for immediate action. CDA has approved designs of 5 parking plazas to be constructed in different areas of Islamabad. The work on one is ongoing, and two others will start soon. These parking plazas will be constructed in 1-8 and F-8 sectors.

Development of the Ongoing Project

The ongoing project is located in Blue Area and is worth Rs. 1.3 billion. This parking plaza is designed to have a basement, ground floor, along with six storey. This parking plaza will have the capacity to accommodate 900 motorcars and 150 bikes. The deadline for the ongoing project was March 2023, which could not be met. The new deadline has been set, which is September 2023. According to the resources, the delay in the project occurred due to the crossing of a huge nullah from the project site.

Need for Parking Plazas

The construction of the parking plazas is need of the hour. The population in Islamabad is growing exponentially, and the area is getting congested. The absence of proper parking areas has added fuel to the fire. People park their cars and bikes at the sides of the roads, which jams the traffic.

Parking plaza construction will solve this problem to a great extent. People will park their vehicles in the designated areas, which will cause traffic to flow smoothly. Hence, vehicles and pedestrians won’t face major problems while crossing the roads.


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The construction of parking plazas will benefit the environment and businesses. Traffic jam causes environmental and noise pollution, while smooth traffic solves both issues. Business activities also grow manifold in a peaceful environment. People prefer to visit the shops and malls where there is less traffic and comparatively peaceful.

Outdated Structure of Old Parking Areas

In the past, underground parking areas were constructed, which cost millions but could not be utilized to their full potential. New parking plazas are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and designed to be utilized to their full capacity.

Islamabad is a comparatively new city with much free space. But now it is getting congested due to political and business activities. Many people have shifted their businesses here over the years. Due to the great influx of people, the space is getting congested, which has made the authorities opt for a state-of-the-art infrastructure. It will accommodate a maximum number of people while freeing up some space.

Islamabad Traffic Police’s Letter to CDA

The action was originally taken by CDA on the complaint of Islamabad Traffic Police regarding insufficient parking space. Islamabad Traffic Police wrote to the CDA in 2016 that the people are facing a lot of parking issues which is also causing hindrances in traffic flow. CDA took action and approved the designs of five parking plazas. The construction of one of the plazas is ongoing, while the other two are about to start.

Bottom Line

Political and business trends are continuously changing and evolving. Earlier, Karachi was the capital of Pakistan and also a business hub. Later on, due to the population explosion in Karachi, officials shifted the capital to Islamabad. In recent years, we have also witnessed the growth in business activities. Due to business and job opportunities, Islamabad has experienced a greater influx of people. It has made the capital a lot more congested than it was earlier. Authorities must opt for state-of-the-art infrastructure, such as residencies, malls, or parking areas. The construction of parking plazas is a continuity of this. Everyone must appreciate this step.

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