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CDA Gets Creative with New Plans to Wase Parking Headaches and Spice up Local Shopping Experience with Weekly Bazaars! 

Chairman of CDA, Noor ul Amin Mengal, announced on Tuesday that the residents of the Federal Capital would soon have access to six new parking plazas and weekly bazaars. 


The Chairman of CDA, Noor ul Amin Mengal, announced on Tuesday that the residents of the Federal Capital would soon have access to six new parking plazas and weekly bazaars. During his visit to the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he revealed that the civic body is taking concrete steps to enhance the business community’s experience in the city.


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CDA to Begin Construction of 5 Parking Plazas

As part of this effort, the Marakaz will undergo development, including road improvements, extended sanitation services, a designated liaison officer for the business community, and the addition of streetlights and sewage lines. Mengal also instructed his team to find a location for the Islamabad Expo Center. In addition, he mentioned that several grounds are also being upgraded under the Social Corporate Responsibility initiative. 

Five Plazas

The CDA has announced its plan to construct major shopping centers in the capital, starting with the construction of five parking plazas during the current fiscal year. The CDA chairman confirmed that the engineering wing has received instructions to begin construction of the parking plazas by the end of June 2023, with work on the plaza, near Savor Food, already underway. The CDA aims to construct seven parking plazas in high-traffic areas such as Blue Area, F 10 Markaz, and F-8 Markaz, with a total parking capacity of 3500 vehicles. 

 In an effort to ease the traffic congestion in the Blue Area of Islamabad, the CDA invited bids for the construction of a parking plaza last year. The National Logistic Cell (NLC) was awarded the contract, worth over Rs. 1,274.548 million, and the construction is currently underway near Savor Foods on Jinnah Avenue.

This is the first of the seven parking plazas planned by the CDA to be constructed in busy areas of the city, including F-10 Markaz and F-8 Markaz. With a capacity to accommodate 1300 vehicles and restaurants on its fifth floor, the parking plaza is expected to not only generate revenue for the CDA but also provide secure parking to visitors and reduce traffic congestion in the area. 



It is relevant to mention here that the CDA has been long intending to build parking plazas in the main hubs of business activities like Abpara, Jinnah Super, PIMS hospital, Kutchery Chowk, and Karachi Company. The idea was conceived to ease routine traffic jams. Now the CDA chairperson has announced to start the construction of six more parking plazas soon. The civic agency will construct these parking plazas near Centaurs Mall, F-8 Markaz, Two in F-10 Markaz, Karachi Company, and I-8 Markaz. 

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