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Will AI Be a Problem or Solution? An Honest Look

Technology has progressive significantly over the past 20 years, and today we can instantly communicate with anyone in the vast majority of the globe.

We have access to a limitless supply of information and resources, all because of technological advancements. Also, we have rapid access to things like any piece of music from any era. As a result, we all are anxious that in which sector the next technological advancement would occur.

Artificial intelligence (AI) as a concept is not a recent invention. In fact, non-fictional media has long included advanced robots, cyborgs, and AI technologies.

Emergence of Artificial Intelligence

AI, a rapidly developing field, is the study of designing algorithms and computer programs that can reason, learn, and do activities that typically require human intelligence. It’s unfortunate that some people over social media appear more worried about AI taking over the world than they are about AI replacing them in their employment places, even when the latter is much more probable.

Over the past few years, some sectors have begun to leverage automated technologies and AI software to their advantage.

As AI technology advances and is applied in more contexts, it is crucial to understand the possible benefits and drawbacks of doing so as well.

Let us discuss some benefits and drawbacks of adapting artificial intelligence.


Pros of AI

  • Using AI has a number of benefits, one of which is that it may help people and businesses automate laborious or time-consuming activities, freeing up important resources and time. For instance, AI-powered chatbots may answer customer care questions, and automated data analysis can quickly find patterns and insights that would be challenging or impossible for people to recognize.
  • AI may also improve precision and accuracy in numerous industries, including manufacturing processes and medical diagnoses. Systems with artificial intelligence (AI) have the capacity to examine huge amounts of data and spot patterns or anomalies that would be hard for humans to spot. This may lead to better decisions and outcomes.
  • Significant changes are expected to occur in patient care, medical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical research and development. The healthcare industry will probably undergo more changes than others, but the introduction of self-driving automobiles by transport businesses like Tesla will also be a big deal.

Cons of AI

  • One of the main issues concerning AI is that it can strengthen and amplify already-existing societal prejudices and discrimination. This might happen if AI algorithms reflect the biases and presumptions of their creators or were created on incomplete or biased data. For instance, it has been demonstrated that facial recognition algorithms perform less accurately for people with darker skin tones, which can result in unfair results.
  • It has the ability to significantly affect the economy by automating employment and replacing workers. While it may result in job loss and need for significant retraining and reskilling campaigns, it can also create jobs in some industries.
  • Last but not least, there is a worry that as our reliance on AI increases, we may be increasingly vulnerable to hackers and other technical failures. Since it could have negative impacts on both national security and public safety, this needs ongoing awareness campaigns, investments in cybersecurity, and risk management.


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We shouldn’t be concerned that AI will create an unbeatable robot that will rule the planet rather be mindful of the opportunities that it might offer in a number of areas. With the development of this extremely complex technology, for instance, many customers service and administrative positions, and software programmer professions may become obsolete. In ten years from now on, AI may be able to accomplish activities that are unimaginable today.

Ultimately, there are more advantages than disadvantages, and this should be the priority while going ahead.

About the Author: Marium Qureshi

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