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A Generative Language Model with Potential to Disrupt Google’s Search Engine

Our daily lives and the entire planet are being taken over by artificial intelligence (AI). AI systems are capable of comprehending their surroundings, handling the information they observe, resolving problems, and acting to accomplish a specific goal. AI exhibit traits shared by humans, such as creativity, learning, planning, and reasoning. By analyzing the results of prior actions and acting autonomously, AI systems are able to change their behavior to some extent. There are so many AI powered applications we use but don’t recognize them like web search, self-driving vehicles, cybersecurity, smart homes, language translation software, digital personal assistant, etc. Many Marketeers and content writers also AI tools for quality content creation.

What is ChatGPT?

The language model ChatGPT was developed by the research team of Elon Musk and Sam Altman at OpenAI. . It is a deep learning-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) system that can generate text similar to what a human would write. Over 8 billion online pages make up the vast dataset on which it was developed. This offers it a significant advantage.

Large-scale datasets and overall collective data are used to train language models like GPT3 and ChatGPT. All you need is to inquire about anything and respective mode of writing. However, since the data isn’t real-time, news searches and information on recent data won’t be covered.


ChatGPT is an incredibly useful tool and excellent for integrating into other services. These types of technologies will undoubtedly revolutionize many different tasks and information requests. However, for the general public.

Google already incorporates AI into its search queries, but ChatGPT’s AI is more sophisticated. To understand the context of the query and provide more relevant results, Google uses AI. In order to deliver more accurate answers, it also makes use of AI to comprehend the purpose of the inquiry.

A Treat for Google?

Recently released ChatGPT has the potential to undermine Google’s search engine. A comparative test demonstrates that ChatGPT can provide answers of equivalent quality to Google, but Google has the advantage of offering more answers and browsing options. Furthermore, Google benefits from being quick and having AI that can comprehend requests. However, ChatGPT offers the benefit of attractive graphics and capacity to produce solutions more quickly.

Considering that ChatGPT is a “black box” in terms of the information source, it is also unknown whether the answers it provides can be relied upon.


Google and other search engines resemble superhuman librarians in several ways. They can quickly and easily identify any website you desire on the internet and suggest other sites that might be relevant. After that, it will be up to you to judge whether or not those websites are reliable sources for your objectives.

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ChatGPT, on the other hand, is less like a librarian than like a psychic who claims to commune with the dead. The fact that it couldn’t connect to the internet, at least not till 2021, is its most obvious drawback as an internet search tool.

As a result, ChatGPT is ineffective for handling the majority of search queries. The questions that demand reliable, recent information are those relating to breaking news and to local or personal information, such as banking information, stock market websites, etc. Artificial Intelligence is at a boom. It helps to solve our problems, makes our tasks and life easier.


Do you ever thought that these advancements are a pill to reduce pain but with higher side effects as it limits human mind’s ability to work effectively?

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