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An International Standard Football Stadium is Set to be Constructed in Islamabad

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad has given the go-ahead for the construction of an international-standard football stadium.


International Football Stadium Approval

The decision to build an international standard football stadium was made during the sixth meeting of the year at the CDA headquarters, led by Chairman Captain (Retd.), Noor ul Amin Mengal.
At the meeting, the CDA board approved the establishment of the Building and Housing Control Wing, as well as mandating the installation of rainwater harvesting systems in all residential and commercial buildings in Islamabad. Furthermore, it was decided that no building plans would be approved unless a water recharging well and tank were included.


Building Control Wing

The establishment of the Building Control Wing, according to the statement, will aid in the prevention of illegal constructions and the enforcement of building regulations, with 50 field teams assigned to carry out these duties. An assistant director and two surveyors will be assigned to each team. In addition, the CDA board authorized the Sanitation Directorate and the Environment Wing to levy penalties and fines, with the fee set by the CDA Chairman. In addition to approving building regulations for developments on IJP and Murree Road, the board approved amendments to the ICT Building Control By-Laws Regulation 2002.

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The CDA board also approved the creation of the Green Fund, announcing that 2% of the total cost of all major projects to be initiated in Islamabad will be deposited in this fund, and that all important projects will contribute to this fund as part of their CSR. Signatories for the use of these funds will be the senior officers of the environment and finance wings.
Furthermore, the board approved the creation of the CDA Pension Fund and Endowment Fund, recommending that 5% of income be invested in these funds.



The CDA Board made decisions during its sixth meeting of the year. The meeting at the CDA headquarters, presided over by Chairman Captain (Retd.), Noor ul Amin Mengal, covered a variety of topics related to building and housing control, sanitation, the environment, and finance. Among the decisions made was the creation of a Building Control Wing to prevent illegal constructions and enforce building regulations. It also gave the Sanitation Directorate and the Environment Wing the authority to levy penalties and fines, and it approved amendments to the ICT Building Control By-Laws Regulation 2002. Building regulations for IJP and Murree Road developments were also approved.

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