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CDA Bans Illegal Marketing of Housing Schemes by Using Capital or Islamabad’s Name

Recently, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken a firm stance against the illegal and unauthorized use of the name “Islamabad” in advertising and marketing campaigns by certain housing schemes. These schemes, though situated outside the territorial limits of Islamabad, have been misleading the public into believing that they are approved by CDA and located within the Islamabad Capital Territory. This deceptive practice has raised concerns, and the CDA has issued a public notice cautioning the general public to be vigilant while dealing with such schemes.

The Deceptive Marketing Tactics

The CDA has observed that numerous housing schemes are taking advantage of the reputation and allure of the capital city, Islamabad, to attract potential buyers. By using the name “Islamabad” and “Capital” in their advertisements, these schemes create a false impression that they are within the boundaries of Islamabad. However, in reality, they are situated far beyond the legitimate limits of the city.


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The Consequences of Deception

Individuals who invest in these fraudulent schemes may face financial losses and legal disputes, as the CDA clearly states that it will not bear any responsibility for any fraud or loss incurred. As such, potential buyers must exercise extreme caution when considering investments in such housing projects.

CDA’s Measures

To ensure transparency and protect the public’s interests, the CDA has taken decisive actions. They have delineated the actual boundary of Islamabad through the Master Plan, which can be accessed on the CDA website. Furthermore, with the assistance of the Survey of Pakistan, the CDA has physically demarcated the boundaries on-site. These measures serve as a clear reference for the public to differentiate between legitimate housing projects within Islamabad and those deceitfully using its name.

A Word of Caution for the Public

In light of this issue, the CDA urges the general public to be vigilant and exercise caution while considering any investments in housing schemes. Before making any purchases or commitments, potential buyers are advised to thoroughly research the legitimacy and approval status of the projects they are interested in.

It is essential to verify the location of the housing scheme, cross-check the boundaries with the Master Plan on the CDA website, and inquire about the approval status from the CDA directly. Seeking legal advice before making any investments can also offer an added layer of protection against potential scams.

Responsibility of the Sponsors

The CDA’s public notice is also directed toward the sponsors and developers of such housing schemes. They are firmly warned to refrain from using the name “Islamabad” in their advertising, booking, and sales campaigns for projects situated outside the legitimate boundaries of the city. Non-compliance with this directive may lead to legal repercussions for the sponsors, affecting their credibility and reputation.


The Capital Development Authority’s public notice serves as a much-needed cautionary message to the general public about deceptive housing schemes using the name of Islamabad. Potential buyers must remain cautious, conduct thorough research, and verify the legitimacy of any housing project before investing their hard-earned money. By exercising due diligence and adhering to the guidelines set by the CDA, individuals can protect themselves from falling prey to fraudulent schemes and ensure a secure investment for their future.

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