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CDA to Begin Construction of 5 Parking Plazas

According to a news source, on February 16th, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) agreed to build five parking plazas concurrently, in order to solve the parking difficulties of residents in the federal metropolis.

Need for the Parking Spaces

A meeting was presided over by CDA Chairman, Noorul Amin Mengal at CDA headquarters. Attendees at the conference talked about the city’s growing need for parking plazas and the declining availability of parking spaces. The CDA chairman was briefed on the proposed plazas in addition to the one that is now being built in Blue Area, close to Savor Foods, according to the CDA officials.

A member of the engineering department suggested during the meeting that the authority has begun building at least two parking plazas to solve the problem. According to the news source, the CDA chairman gave the engineering wing instructions to work on five plazas rather than only two. According to the specifics, parking lots would be built in the Blue Area and Karachi Company (G-9) in the Markaz of G-9, F-10, F-8, and I-8. He gave the directive that construction on the parking plazas must begin right away.


The engineering member said that the upper floors of the parking plazas would be set aside for open-air eateries while the lower floors would be utilized for commercial purposes. According to reports, pre-qualification of companies is underway, and once it is finished, the civic agency will issue tenders.

The meeting’s chairman made the decision to begin building as soon as possible.

Delay in Former CDA Orders

It is important to remember that CDA announced a few years ago that it will build five parking plazas in different parts of Islamabad to address the parking concerns. Unfortunately, only one plaza is now being built in the Blue Area, and it will be finished in March of this year.

The delay was attributed by CDA officials to “slush and nullah crossing from the plan line.” Although the building’s base has been completed, it will take several more months to complete the structure. There will be sufficient space for 1,300 vehicles in the plaza.

The concern regarding the unavailability of parking places in Blue Area and other business areas, notably F-8 Markaz, where the city’s district courts are located, was raised in a letter from the Islamabad Traffic Police to the CDA, in 2016. In the past, the CDA erected two underground parking spots in Jinnah Super Market instead of building multi-story parking plazas, but such parking lots could not be used effectively.


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However, the CDA also disregarded allowing parking in commercial buildings’ basements, which has led to a strain on the existing parking spaces. Owners of plazas have hardly ever used their basements for parking in practically all markaz of the city. According to sources, the CDA chairman demanded strict guidelines to address the parking difficulties at the same meeting and stated that it was the municipal organization’s duty to ensure parking spaces in all commercial plazas.


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