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CDA Approved Rs. 500 Million for the Bhara Kahu Bypass project

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has approved PKR 500 million in additional funding for the Bhara Kahu bypass project. The government directed CDA to complete the project by next month. The 1-kilometer flyover region is also being worked on, albeit at a quite slow pace. “We are working nonstop to finish the project in the upcoming months. The flyover part, which is a little tricky, may take longer, but we’re hoping to get it done, a CDA official said.

Construction Progress of Bhara Kahu Bypass

60% of the work has been completed including the earthwork for the entire road and the girder laying on the interchange. Over half of the bridge’s work, as well as all the three underpasses, have been completed. The progress on the 1 km flyover area, on the other hand, is slower.

The Capital Development Authority had already released 2.5 billion rupees of the total 6.5 billion rupees allocated for Bhara kahu project.


Negligence of Authorities

The Capital Development Authority had already spent a large portion of the funds received during the previous plot auction, two years ago, on quotation works. During the last few years, some Capital Development Authority directorates spent around Rs. 20 billion on quotation works in violation of the set rules and regulations. The quotation is for emergency work worth Rs. 500,000, according to the rules. However, despite the Former Chairman’s two warning letters, a few officers obtained development work worth billions of rupees through quotation.

The quotation scam upset the interest of the Capital Development Authority Chairman, retired Capt. Mohammad Usman, who ordered an investigation a few months ago. However, no investigational findings have been made public.


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According to sources in the finance wing, the civic agency is now facing a funding shortage because massive funds were used on quotation work. However, it was stated that the situation will improve following the plot auction this month.

“We expect Rs. 20 billion in revenue from the auction, which will take place in two weeks. We will have enough money after the auction. Similarly, we intend to launch a housing project, primarily for Pakistanis living abroad, which will be a financial boon,” he said.

Release of Funds

The mega project Bhara Kahu bypass flyover , which Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated on September 30th, has made unprecedented progress. According to sources, the engineering wing requested Rs. 3 billion from the finance wing but they were only given Rs. 500 million with the assurance that more installments would be released in the coming weeks.


According to Capital Development Authority sources, due to the civic agency’s current financial issues, funds for various projects are being released in installments.

The completion of Bhara kahu flyover will be the game changer and has the potential to solve many problems especially traffic related issues. Even the new shuttle service and the Bhara Kahu bypass will facilitate the tourism industry as it enroutes to Murree.

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