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Introduction of E-Wallet Services in Pakistan – a Step Forward Towards the Ease of Payment

The world is advancing every day and as a result we are using futuristic technologies. Smart gadgets to smart phones with technology are beyond understanding. Humans are making advancements in every sector whether it’s manufacturing robots, landing on moon, or artificial intelligence. Technology is giving our lives a new perspective, altogether. As it was quoted by Albert Einstein, which insinuates volumes about expansion and diversity:

“Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.”

Regardless of what we think, without a single doubt, innovation is quickly improving and offering new advancements and progressive undertakings consistently. A portion of the exceptionally most honed minds are out there making the following piece of future innovation, that are totally changing the way we carry on with our lives. It can feel like logical advancement is consistent yet, we have survived a time of colossal mechanical improvement in the 21st century. We are fortunate enough to be residing in a period where science and innovation can help us, make our lives simpler and redefine the manners in which we approach our day-to-day routines.

Pakistan being a developing state, is gradually adapting worldwide prevailing advancements. One such development is the Digital Wallet. We will try to make you aware about mobile wallet and companies that are providing such services in Pakistan along with our aspect of futuristic Pakistan.

What is a Digital Wallet?

A computerized or electronic wallet in simple words alludes to monetary exchange via web-based application that endows people or organizations to electronically make exchanges or transactions. It safely stores your installment data and passwords. These digital applications permit you to pay with your gadgets without any hassle or hauling your cards around. Computerized wallets are monetary applications that permit you to store reserves, make exchanges, and track installment accounts on your smart gadgets like handsets, laptops, tablets. It stores the remittance data of customers for various installment modes on different sites. A computerized wallet is otherwise called an E-Wallet.

The implication of a Mobile Wallet is that a mobile payment eliminates the necessity for traditional clutches by securely and conveniently storing all of a customer’s account information. Moreover, unconventional wallets are safer than conventional wallets because they utilize secure innovation and employ safe technology, like security and encoding. Nowadays, some E-Wallets incorporate facial acknowledgment or password protection as well.

  • Gift Vouchers
  • Enrollment Cards
  • Steadfastness Cards
  • Coupons
  • Occasion Tickets
  • Plane and Travel Tickets
  • Lodging Reservations
  • Driver’s Permit
  • ID Cards
  • Vehicle Keys

Famous Worldwide Digital Wallets

These are some of the mobile wallet services provided by different companies, which are renowned worldwide for offering mobile wallets. For instance:

Digital Wallets in Pakistan

E-Wallets have made it quite simple to get cash without visiting a bank. Pakistan is among the top developing nations where millions of individuals utilize these wallets. With a few well-known portable wallet providers, it is currently more helpful to send cash to Pakistan and enable quick beneficiary payments. In Pakistan, approximately 175 million people adopted digital wallets in 2020, according to a survey. One such significant number of users demonstrates that most individuals pursue adopting wallets over banks or other methods of carrying cash.

NADRA; Digitizing Pakistan 

Digital wallets are being praised at the national level. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) stated in start of 2022 that they are attempting to make automated ID cards advanced wallets under the public authority’s Digital Pakistan vision, which will probably be made accessible to public not long from now.

On further discussion, the chairperson of NADRA demonstrated the characteristics of digital wallet, that it is an individualized programmed ID. He stated that this innovation is a quantum leap forward that will modernize the Pakistan’s national ID system and put an end to traditional system of ID cards by assuring community convenience.

Other than this, there are different e-wallets available in Pakistan, operating by private telecommunication firms. We will shed a little light on them as well to make our readers aware of ongoing advancements.

E-Wallets in Pakistan

If we talk about the past years, there were restricted operating systems but later on, we saw a panoramic change in the digital sector of Pakistan. One click on your smart gadgets, and you are done with all the bills and transactions.


EasyPaisa was originated by Telenor Microfinance Bank and was accessible to the market in 2009. With the passage of time the firm improved their presentation and services, with over 25 million people on their wallet membership as of this year. EasyPaisa ends up being a well-known portable wallet for Pakistanis. Even abroad expats can perform transactions to and from Pakistan via EasyPaisa accounts through ACE Money Transfer.

Jazz Cash

It is among the leading digital companies of Pakistan. JazzCash was introduced in the market in 2012, with an initial name of MobiCash, now called JazzCash by Mobilink. It is a Pakistani portable wallet in organization with their secondary bank Mobilink Microfinance Bank.

It is known for providing E-Wallet services like paying off utility bills, transactions of money at national and international level, Mobile Bills, etc.


UPaisa Wallet is a branchless E-Wallet, which can be opened on your number or registered under the CNIC. After signing up, it gives the customer access to endless options. From recharging mobiles via pre- and post-paid services to QR payments. It has it all, just one click away.


SadaPay was established in 2019, but it got fame in a little time because of their high-end services. With their aesthetically pleasing debit and master cards, it has caught the public eye as a computerized portable wallet (E-Wallet) in Pakistan, which can assist people with speedy and secure web-based business installments in outsourcing, e-commerce, bill installments, and so on. Whether it’s about cash withdrawal or purchasing a membership, everything has become way simpler with SadaPay. And one of the most outstanding things about the SadaPay card is that you can utilize it at any place in the world and on any online site too like Netflix, Amazon, Ali Express, Spotify, etc. where MasterCard is acknowledged as a payment technique.


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Future of Pakistan

Pakistan is on its way of development. Slowly every sector is opting for modern technology to decrease the difficulty for their customers. These companies are among many, that are establishing their roots in Pakistan. The way we are seeing the advancements, without a single doubt we can say that Pakistan is not behind from developed states and in less time, will be competing within the international market.

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